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2017 Open Post

  • Pick a muse
  • Leave a prompt, scenario, pictures, lyrics or some other form of set up/inspiration.
  • I'm a-okay with assumed CR. If you'd like to discuss something, email me
  • Anything else? See the above email.
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    @ Peeta » teleios-verse

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    (have some super cute family-themed image prompts because [community profile] teleios fam forever.)

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    elena » i just want you to be glad (post-canon)

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    Postcard - Jukebox the Ghost
    Most weeks, Bonnie doesn't call. Cell reception in Senegal isn't what it used to be, so she sends postcards back to Mystic Falls. I miss you, she'll inevitably write on each location as she travels from town to town on her work visa. Wish you were here, she writes too. She wishes Elena could bask in the beauty of Queenstown, or simply enjoy a flat white in a cafe in Capetown. Or maybe, she wishes her best friend were traversing the national parks as Bonnie sought to reconnect with her magic.

    (The Bennetts could trace their history back to South Africa, and the longer she stayed, the stronger her power - and her confidence - had become.)

    But eventually, she makes her way back to the States, and in turn, back to Mystic Falls. As she sets her suitcase on the ground, she can't help taking in a breath and looking over her best friend.

    "Elena! Hey!" Her voice is almost a squeal as she rushes over. Bonnie's dark hair is now tinged with blonde highlights, and she's got a healthy sunkissed tan. But more pressingly, and most distinctly, is how happy she looks. It's a far cry from the doom and gloom that had accompanied her in Mystic Falls. "It's so good to finally see you!"