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Dani O'Malley / Jada ([personal profile] thefeckingmega) wrote in [community profile] thingsthatshine 2016-01-17 10:54 pm (UTC)

I do what I want! For Barry.

Don't ask Dani O'Malley how she ended up here in Central City. All she knows is she started running and didn't give up, didn't ever stop until she got here and found herself running faster than anyone else should be able to run alongside someone else. What the feck? She's the only one who's supposed to be able to do that! Not fair, world! Not fair! Her one special thing that sets her apart from all the rest and someone else in a red jumpsuit's got the same ability?

Not bloody likely. Something's amiss here. Leave it to Dani 'Mega' O'Malley to figure it out. Dani's smart, smarter than anyone really gives her credit for.

So they freeze-frame along, Dani zipping past him and stopping short. Him slipping past her and stopping short. Again, and again, they circle around each other until they just go at it in one long run, speeding together through the streets, the wind whipping past Dani's long flaming red hair and her feeling like she's flying. Until Dani's endurance starts to peter out. Of course it does! Can't let Dani O'Malley get the better of a guy in spandex even! Fecking hell!!!

She keeps trying to jump start her freeze-frame. In short bursts she goes and then slows down until finally it isn't even worth it. She pauses to pluck a candy bar our of her pocket and start munching on it. Food should help. She always has food on hand.

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