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Barry Allen ([personal profile] in3) wrote in [community profile] thingsthatshine 2016-01-18 02:55 am (UTC)

Central City isn't a bad place to end up. The moment Barry sees another speedster, he panics a little. The only other one he knows of is Wells and that didn't turn out so well. He's deeply curious as well. She doesn't seem to be trying to kill him. That's new and refreshing.

There's always something amiss in Central City.

It's a game: let her get ahead then speed past. He assumes she's doing the same: letting him get ahead then speeding past him. Barry loves running. He always has, but he'd only really come to love it once he'd gotten his power. Running this fast was like flying. The only reason that Barry isn't running out of endurance is because he trains for this all the time. He's been training to beat Wells and that had required a great deal of endurance.

Barry catches up with her and comes to a stop. "haven't seen you around," he says by way of greeting.

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