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The great escape - for Del Spooner

One minute her shuttle got caught in a nebula and Quill, Rocket and Drax were screaming at her over the comm unit, the next her shuttle was being hurled across the galaxy at astonishing speeds. Several bits and pieces of the inner-workings started to malfunctioning and then she was crashing into the atmosphere of a mostly blue planet. Even the escape pod malfunctioned. Gamora, only a mediocre pilot, had barely landed the shuttle in tact. It skidded to a stop in a park in Chicago. Grabbing every weapon she has, she sets out on foot.

The land is strange to her. People stare at her green skin as she passes them and she holds her head high and continues on her way. There is artificial life here, which is nothing new, although this life seems somewhat advanced in the way it seems to notice her rather than blindly complete tasks of one kind or another. One such life form glows red and tries to subdue her. It gets a swift kick that sends it across the street. Then, what she assumes are the authorities are upon her.

Gamora, a skilled fighter, warrior, assassin, makes quick work of a few more robots here and there. That's when she notices she is severely outnumbered. She hunkers down in a warehouse, after breaking in, of course. The space is massive and dark save for the light coming in from the large cargo windows near the ceiling. She hears something behind her and turn swiftly, ready to fight with weapons in both hands. She is shadowed in the dimness. So is this man. Neither of them can fully see one another rather than the dark shadows of their shapes.

"You should back away, beast." She assumes it's another of the strange artificial beings.

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