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Detective Del Spooner ([personal profile] robotist) wrote in [community profile] thingsthatshine 2016-01-18 11:52 pm (UTC)

It's a normal day at the precinct for Spooner. He'd stopped by his grandma's early that morning, had coffee and sweet potato pie then headed into work to get some paperwork done. Unlike some detectives, Spooner likes paperwork. It's one of the few things that's done the old fashioned way. Yes, he has to log it into the computer, but he also has to fill out a hard copy. That's the part of paperwork that he likes.

He's in the middle of his nice, soothing, old-fashioned paperwork when they get the call. A robot attacked a woman whose skin appeared to be green and she took it down. More importantly she took several of the department robots down. Spooner doesn't play well with other and splits off from the rest of the detectives that go after her. He's creeping down the alleys when he notices one of the warehouses have been broken into. It'd make a great hiding place. He creeps in through a back door. It's only by her weapons and her defensive stance that he knows he's found the right person.

"You're gonna hurt my grandma's feelings callin' me names like that," Spooner says creeping a little further out of the shadows. His hands are slightly out by his side. He's got his gun tucked away in a holster. He's wearing a plain, black, long-sleeved tee shirt, a black knit cap and dark jeans. He's not trying to hide the holstered gun at all. He's also got his detective badge hanging from his front pants pocket so she can see it.

"You caused a little bit of panic back there. Pulled me away from my coffee just when I was contemplating a second piece of sweet potato pie."

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