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Open Post 2016 2017 Edition

Pick one of my characters or drop any of your characters in and get a random choice.
Pick a scenario or use RNG (or make one up if you don't see what you want here).
Have fun!

I. Roadtrip

1. BREAK DOWN. Oh snap. Your car decided to break down out in the middle of nowhere. WHAT DO? Is that Leather-face? Will this be "Children of the Corn"?
2. HITCHHIKERS? Is this even a good idea? Threads may also have a third participant. Go wild.
3. WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST HIT? Dude, I hear deer mess up cars... Or I think that was a deer...
4. DON'T MAKE ME TURN THIS CAR AROUND. Alas. You're the parent or disgruntled friend who has had it up to here with all the fighting in the back. This thread may also have a third or even fourth participant, if you can wing it.
5. OMG, I WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THIS LANDMARK! No, no, and no. You tell that person that they're going to be driven around and they're going to like it.
6. THE GREAT ESCAPE. Either dinosaurs or the moth-man is chasing you. Don't stop now.
7. MAKE OUT. For whatever reason, the person you're traveling with in the car. You would love to make out with them and then some.

II. Cuddles

1. SWEET DREAMS. It's been a long day and all you want to do is sleep or just rest your eyes for a bit. Hopefully whoever is close by doesn't mind if you use them as a blanket.
2. STORMY WEATHER. The heavy rain, thunder, and lightning won't be letting up anytime soon. Luckily, it's the perfect weather to stay indoors and snuggle up close and keep warm.
3. SLOW DANCE. It's the end of a party, or maybe it's only the two of you, but the tempo is slow and the lights are low. Let your dance partner take the weight and just sway.
4. SURPRISE ATTACK. Time to invade someone's personal space. Are they working too much and need a distraction? Maybe you just wanted to brighten their day. Either way, they won't see it coming.
5. MOVIE NIGHT. It can be on the sofa or in a darkened theater, but you've got your popcorn and someone to settle against during your favorite movie.
6. I LOVE YOU, MAN. It's totally platonic, really. You're just very good friends, no matter what people like to think. But you just love your friend so much you want to hug them, whether they like it or not.
7. JEEPERS CREEPERS. Welp. You were just frightened. Was it a spider in the washroom, a ghost in the attic, a bad dream? Either way, you're looking for someone to cling to right now, and who better than that person right there?
8. HURT AND COMFORT. Whether you're sick in bed, just been dumped, or suffered a traumatic event, you need someone to wrap their arms around you and make everything go away.
9. SUNDAY MORNING. Maybe you just had a wild night. Maybe there's just not enough space at your place and you need to share your bed. Or maybe you just got really tired and someone else happened to be there. Doesn't matter because now the person with you looks way more comfortable than any blanket or pillow. Drape to your heart's content.
10. MOMENT AFTER. You just had incredible, vigorous sex and if you weren't a cuddler before, you are now. You're probably too exhausted to do anything else anyway. Just enjoy the moment.
11. PLAYER'S CHOICE. Pick one or make up your own!

III. Hurt/Comfort

1. INJURY. You've been injured. Broken bones or bleeding out or maybe just a tiny little paper-cut. The choice is yours.
2. SICKNESS. You're sick and laid up in bed, at home or in a hospital. The severity is up to you.
3. FEAR/ANXIETY. Something is happening and you're scared beyond belief.
4. LOSS OF SENSES. Sight, touch, taste, hearing, smell, etc. You've lost some important sense or ability and now you're left to deal with it.
5. DESPAIR. Nothing is good or right anymore and you can't shake the depression. Maybe that friend of yours can help though.
6. MAKE UP. Fight or break up, it's time to make up.
7. RESCUED. You've just been held captive and/or tortured for however long and finally, someone has come to the rescue.
8. BAD ROMANCE. Fight, cheat on, abuse, whatever the case is, someone else can clearly see you need comfort from someone who isn't your terrible lover tonight.
9. LOSS. You've experienced a loss of some kind and need help getting through it.

IV. Texts from Last Night

1.Go here
2. Make Magic happen

V. Intimacy

1. PHYSICAL INTIMACY. It might just be innocent touches or it might be foreplay.
2. LONG CONVERSATIONS. Honest words can be more intimate than touch.
3. DRUNK. You're over-sharing or simply maudlin.
4. FORCED INTIMACY. Magic. A truth serum, whatever - you didn't mean to bare your soul, but that is precisely what you're doing right now.
5. SLOW-DANCING. There is something inherently intimate about trusting someone else to lead you, and someone trust you to lead them.
6. OTHER. Intimacy can come in many forms. Pick your poison.

oo1. The Meeting:
How did you meet? Was it at an event organized specifically for finding your other half? By accident? Did you follow a mystical calling to them? Some other way?

oo2. Rejection:
Sometimes Sentinels or Guides propose a match but it's just not perfect. You don't feel the pull or maybe you think there is someone better or maybe you're already claimed. Maybe you were claimed and someone better came along?

oo3. Protection:
Sentinels are meant to protect Guides, any Guides, but it's even worse when they feel their Guide is in danger. They go feral; blind to anything but stopping and killing whoever threatened their Guide or the bond. Maybe someone attacked your Guide or you haven't bonded yet and you feel threatened or maybe you're the one doing the threatening. Whatever the reason, Sentinels in a feral state are dangerous and only their Guides can stop them.

oo4. Lost:
Sentinels often lose themselves in their senses. Either you're a Sentinel who has lost themselves or a Guide that has stumbled on one or a friend trying to draw them out. Unbonded Sentinels will find it hard to escape without a Guide. Or maybe you're bonded already which means you just need yours to come home.

005. Persecution:
Sometimes normal people or the government fear the power of Guides and Sentinels. Guides are empaths, feeling the emotions and sometimes passing thoughts of others and it can make people feel violated. Sentinels often have enhanced strength, which can make them dangerous. So they scorn them, hurt them or in the case of governments, regulate them.

oo6. Old-School:
Guides used to be treated on the same level as slaves. Unable to work unless their Sentinel said. Not allowed out on their own. They used to wear collars and couldn't own land or inherit money. Maybe the old ways haven't completely fallen out of style.

oo7. Unbonded:
Nothing sucks more than being an unbonded Guide or Sentinel. Always looking for your other half to fill that empty feeling but you probably have friends that aren't your match or who are trying to set you up with someone. Maybe you're skeptical about the whole love at first sight thing and haven't been looking.

oo8. Wildcard: Some mish-mash of the above or anything else you can come up with!

Other Options
Don't like any of the above? Here are some other options:
1. Picture Prompt: go here or any of your other favorite picture sites. Leave me a few pictures and I'll set something up.
2. Pick a prompt from this prompt tumblr or try googling OTP prompts
3. Insomnia! One or both of you can't sleep. Be awake together.
4. Leave me a scenario, lyrics, a word or a quote
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For Eric Northman

[personal profile] the_dawnster 2016-01-18 09:02 pm (UTC)(link)

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Eric is quickly realizing that there is no world in which Dawn doesn't need saving. She's not a damsel in distress, not really, but she is surrounded by supernatural beings and that leaves her a out-powered more often than not. Eric doesn't mind rescuing her. He likes the fight and the violence; he always has. He worries, of course, that he won't get to her in time. His blood can heal a lot of things, but once she's gone there's nothing he can do and he's lost enough people in his time. He doesn't want to lose Dawn.

She's got more than enough of his blood in her that tracking her isn't a problem. He lands in a snow covered forest, trees bitten with frost. He chooses to use the element of surprise and lands right in the middle of the Frost Fae camp. By the time he's reached Dawn, almost a dozen fae lay in various pieces scattered around snow that is more red than white. He's drunk on fae blood and has a couple of patches of frostbite on his cheek and hand. He'd been smart enough to cover everything else up. Of course, the more fae blood he drank, the more immune he became to their frost attacks.

He tears off the door to the cage they'd trapped Dawn in, bent low to step inside.
the_dawnster: (Dawn ♦ 40)

[personal profile] the_dawnster 2016-01-20 06:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Dawn will always be a liability, especially to those who know or figure out why she's not exactly entirely human. The fae want to strengthen their portals into Faerie? They just found themselves a Key that will do just that. And now that they know about her, there will be no end to those wanting to use her blood for the ritual that will do just exactly what they want, and maybe even more since the ritual will tear down more walls than just those that lead into Faerie.

This is one of those times she wishes she had super strength or super anything. Why had the Monks made her so un-special? So innocent and (basically) helpless when pit against Supernatural things? Monks are stupid, she thinks, and not for the first time.

When she hears a scuffle outside, the familiar sounds of a fight, she starts trying to peek outside of the cage. Everything is happening so fast. Suddenly there are dead fae all around and Dawn, shivering, watches a blur of activity with another fae until it stops long enough for her to see Eric. "Eric!!!" She screams, rattling the bars of the cage. It doesn't budge.

But of course, when Eric tries, he rips the door right off its hinges. She leaps at him, holding on tight. Her wrists have been cut and the only reason she didn't bleed out is because she'd jammed them into the snow to freeze them. "They have some of my blood."
vikingly: (Discussion)

[personal profile] vikingly 2016-01-22 08:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Eric doesn't mind that liability. In fact, it's one of the things he likes about Dawn. He likes the power she holds, even passively and, let's be honest, he likes the power it gives him that she's his. Fortunately, for Dawn, he's also moved beyond that and he loves who Dawn is, how she fights and tries and handles her life. The way she looks is an added bonus, not to mention the way she smells and tastes.

He's been helpless a few times in his life. He knows how angry, frustrating and vulnerable it is, but unless Dawn wants him to make her a vampire, there's nothing he can do about that. Regular infusions of his blood makes her a little faster, a little stronger and she heals a little faster, but it's not a lot of help against this lot.

He hears her yelling for him, but he's a little occupied. He does get there as quickly as he can. Of course, he's got fae blood on him. A lot of fae blood on him.

"Then we'll go get it," he tells her as he raises her wrist to his mouth and licks along the cut. He didn't have to do that; he just wanted to taste her blood. He then bites his wrist and rubs his blood along the cuts. They heal instantly.

"Any idea where they took it or shall I track it by smell?" If she knows, that'll be easier because right now there's a good deal of her blood in the case. They'll have to get away from that before he can properly track it.
the_dawnster: (Dawn ♦ 40)

[personal profile] the_dawnster 2016-01-23 02:33 pm (UTC)(link)
The fact that Eric likes the thing she hates about herself has really done a lot for Dawn. She's always had this underlying guilt over her very existence, over how much trouble she causes and what a liability she is. She's always had this underlying fear that Buffy regrets her existence, saving her, or will grow to regret it eventually. Dawn Summers : professional life ruiner.

Not with Eric, though. He seems to accept all those little bits and pieces of her. He even seems to celebrate him. And he isn't so inherently good that she feels guilty should her existence get in his way, like leading him to a snow covered forest, for example.

It always surprises her when her skin heals right before her eyes. She's also thankful for it. She has one scar there that's been there so long that it can't be healed, when she'd first found out she was the key and cut herself open. She'd been known as emo girl at school after that. She doesn't like remembering it.

Also, as always, his tongue on her skin is never a bad thing.

"They put it in a big cauldron in the middle of a stone circle. It might be warded, I don't know. They're using some pretty potent magic, Eric. You have to be careful." She's too worried in the moment to be too terribly quippy. But... "But they gave me this weird dress, so... free stuff?" The dress in question falls to the floor, has a high empire waistline and a plunging neckline that shows off Dawn's cleavage. It's pretty, in a renaissance fair, cosplay kind of way.
vikingly: (Charming business man)

[personal profile] vikingly 2016-01-25 04:51 am (UTC)(link)
Guilt isn't really an emotion that Eric is comfortable with. He doesn't see the point in guilt. It accomplishes nothing. She's not a life ruiner as far as he's concerned. He does plenty of things to ruin his own life.

No, he's not inherently good. In fact, he's fairly grey as far as morals go. He's done evil and he will again in his unlife. He tries to 'be good' in the grand scheme of things. And the snow covered forest is interesting, so are all the fae he consumed. He's going to be high for a day over this.

He doesn't like her remembering it either. He's simply glad that she's not in that place anymore, that she has made some peace with what she is. He knows that takes a while sometimes. Tortured really isn't his thing.


He nods. "Alright. Care to come with me or would you like me to put the cage door back on and come retrieve you when it's done?" His eyes rove over her and an appreciative smirk curls his lips. "I like the dress. It suits you."
the_dawnster: (Dawn ♦ 15)

[personal profile] the_dawnster 2016-01-27 07:15 pm (UTC)(link)
While the way Eric looks at her is something she'll never grow tired of, his words make her eyes roll in the most dramatic fashion ever. "Oh please. This dress screams sacrificial lamb - damsel in distress. I'm sick and tired of people and demons and faeries thinking they need to dress me up like a barbie doll. Someday I'll get kidnapped by someone with better fashion sense than Pollyanna."

Secretly, deep down, she loves every movie Haley Mills has ever done, including Pollyanna. But she doesn't say that to Eric -- because he's Eric. On the other hand, maybe he wouldn't think it stupid since the story was originally a best-selling series of novels that Dawn has already devoured awhile back. Nope. She's keeping her mouth shut on that one.

Instead, she gives him a look that she hopes is more kick ass and stubborn than Pollyanna-ish. "Of course I'm coming with you. Not a damsel." Let's be real here though: in some ways Dawn is absolutely a damsel. That was the whole point in the monks choosing to make the key into an innocent, helpless thing; so that Buffy would be compelled to protect it. But in the end, staying in there any longer than she had to would have majorly squicked her out. Given the choice, she's out of there immediately.

She'll follow him out of the cage, wishing she had her crossbow. As she's weaponless, she'll just stick close to Eric. She's even pinching the back of his shirt so that the connection is there. That might not last long because the remaining fae who haven't fled or died are encroaching. Their glamour is down and they look strangely grotesque. "Uh... incoming. Also, at least I'm prettier than Tinkerbelles."
vikingly: (Focused)

[personal profile] vikingly 2016-01-30 03:48 am (UTC)(link)
She may not realize it, but Dawn is smoking hot. Eric appreciates that. The eyeroll makes him chuckle a little. "Maybe I like that in a woman," he winks at her. The sacrificial lamb bit he means. "I'll be sure to put the word out to the supernatural world that you'd prefer to be kidnapped by someone that likes Sandy post make over."

Eric watches movies and TV. There's a certain vampire slayer show (shhh) that he adores. He'd watched all seven seasons of it when he'd had amnesia at Sookie's house. He just doesn't know a lot of pop culture. He's got things to do when he's awake. like rescue damsels.

It's quite stubborn and he's not one to underestimate Dawn. "Never thought you were," he tells her as he holds his hand out for hers. Once she's out of the cage, he lets go of her hand so that he's got both hands free. He doesn't mind that she hangs on by his shirt. Her grip isn't strong enough to hinder him if he has to fight.

"Stay behind me and close," he tells her. This is not going to be pretty. The fae slash at Eric with talons, slicing through his shirt and across his chest, but he attacks with more speed and strength than they can muster. One raises it's light and gets a good burn off on the side of Eric's face before he rips its head off.
the_dawnster: winchesterway (Dawn ♦ 86)

[personal profile] the_dawnster 2016-02-02 03:01 pm (UTC)(link)
"You would." She tosses back at Eric. Although she doesn't really picture Eric with sacrificial lambs. In her imagination she pictures him with Playboy center fold models or actresses or models or some other form of unobtainable beauties. Mostly, she pictures him with these types of women because Eric has that ethereal unobtainable beauty himself.

As the fae encroach on them, Dawn heeds his word and stays behind him and close. She really, really wishes she had her crossbow right now. It would have come in handy. And without it, or a weapon of any kind, she's pretty useless. She has no super strength/speed/hearing/etc to fall back on.

She stands back and watches Eric fight. His sheer strength is amazing really. When she feels an arm wrap around her neck from behind, she reaches up and is caught off balance for a moment. "Eric!" She screams before she has a moment to think. Then she does the only thing she can do: she bites at the Faerie's forearm. Hard. The fae screams some inhuman sound and lets go of her so that Dawn falls to the ground.

Looking up, she smirks and quips. "Never underestimate biting and hair pulling." Buffy would be proud, she thinks.
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[personal profile] vikingly 2016-02-03 04:11 pm (UTC)(link)

Well, he's certainly been with some women worthy of Playboy and the silver screen. He's dated a model or two. However, he's not big on committing to anyone and he has committed to Dawn, so she ought to feel pretty good about herself.

He wishes that she had her crossbow as well. He'd feel better if Dawn had some sort of defense besides him. He's hesitant to offer to turn her simply because he likes her human and turning her would change their relationship a little. He can feed her more of his blood on a regular basis and that will give her a little boost, but not as much as she probably wants.

Eric is occupied right now with a couple of fae who have their teeth in him and are trying to do that funky light thing that is deadly to vampires. He hopes (trusts) that Dawn can handle herself for a moment while he dispatches these two. His trust isn't misplaced and a feral grin curves his lips as he sees her retaliate out of the corner of his eye. It's only a moment or two before he's done with the fae attacking him and he turns to the one that Dawn temporarily disabled. He tears that particular fae's heart out without blinking, drops the heart to the snow and looks at Dawn.

"Very good. Did you break the skin? Fae blood can be hallucinogenic." It just makes him very, very high and happy.

the_dawnster: windmill_icons (Dawn ♦ 98)

[personal profile] the_dawnster 2016-02-12 03:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Buffy, who has already had a hard time with Dawn's dating Eric, a vampire, would flip her lid if Eric ever turned Dawn. Plus, Dawn likes being alive. There may come a day when she doesn't like it so much or when turning her is the only choice in some catastrophe or another. But in the meantime, she likes feeling the blood rush through her veins and her heartbeat in her chest.

She shouldn't be pleased at Eric's praise when she'd just drawn blood of another living creature, but it's just the same as when Buffy had praised her while teaching her to slay. Dawn always soaks praise up like a sponge.

"Only a little bit." She tells him, pausing in licking her lips and teeth. Maybe she should have tried to spit that little bit of blood out. Too late now. "Am I gonna die?"
vikingly: (I care okay)

[personal profile] vikingly 2016-02-13 11:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Eric is well aware that Buffy doesn't like Dawn dating him, but it's Dawn's life and if she chose to be turned, Eric would fight Buffy over that right. Eric likes that she's alive as well. He would miss so many things about her humanness if she weren't alive: her warmth, her blood, the way he makes her flush and her very human emotions.

Like it or not, it's one of the things that make them work.

He nods. "You should be alright, but stay close to me and let me know if you start seeing anything odder than usual. You're definitely not going to die."
the_dawnster: (Dawn ♦ 40)

[personal profile] the_dawnster 2016-02-14 06:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Dawn is making fairy blood one of the first things to research if she lives through this. She doesn't much like ingesting something if she doesn't know the affects it's going to have on her. Eric's blood makes her feel strange. Fairy blood, well, she's figuring that if it does anything she'll be feeling it in a matter of seconds.

"Sticking close, got it." She does stick close even as a few more fairies come in to attack them, trying to get their wall-breaker, as that's pretty much what Dawn is. But things start moving slower for her than they should, like one minute something is one place and then she blinks and it's somewhere else.

Suddenly Eric is several yards away fighting a fairy and she's still over here. She starts over to him, swaying a bit as she walks, then she blinks and Eric is somewhere else fighting fae. "Slow down!" She says, starting for Eric again. "The world's moving too fast!"
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[personal profile] vikingly 2016-02-20 03:48 am (UTC)(link)
He's a little busy with a few fae or he would have noticed that Dawn had gotten too far away from him. He's currently trying to not kill one of the magic users as well as not get his blood boiled. It's very distracting.

When Dawn yells, he looks back over his shoulder and twists the fae's arm up behind it's back. His other hand is over the little assholes mouth. The fae is currently trying to chew through Eric's palm. It's only going so-so for him. He pulls the fae back, extra pressure on her arm making her abandon the whole chewing effort.

"You're high," he tells her, but he can't let go of the fae to grab her. "Grab onto my belt loops and hang on," he tells her. "If I can get this bitch to break the circle around the caldron, we'll be out of here soon."
the_dawnster: winchesterway (Dawn ♦ 96)

[personal profile] the_dawnster 2016-03-18 09:14 pm (UTC)(link)
She is very high. The world around her is moving quickly and she's in slow motion, above it all, separate. And then there's Eric, who is looking even more Viking king than usual, which is saying a lot since he wears Viking king like a second skin where she's concerned. Right now, when he turns to her, he's wearing a crown, heavy leathers and furs, and has a twinkle in his eyes and a spark on his teeth when he smiles at her.

Did he smile at her? She might have made that up. They both know she has a really good imagination and apparently when she's high, it's amped up like crazy.

As if it's an afterthought, she reaches out for his belt loops, but has to reach out further than her arms are long. In her mental state they seem to stretch like elastic and then suddenly her arms are really long and her fingers curl into belt loops. "This is a fun game." No, this is battle. But she isn't seeing it like that in the moment.
vikingly: (Default)

[personal profile] vikingly 2016-03-19 06:39 pm (UTC)(link)

He kind of does wear viking king like a second skin. It's painfully obvious when one knows that about him. However, he doesn't generally wear a crown and he hasn't worn heavy leathers and furs in centuries. He prefers Armani these days. He can't attest to the twinkle in his eye and the spark on his teeth though. he does enjoy a good fight and this is a good fight.

Possibly. It might have been more of a grimace because of the aforementioned chewing on his hand.

"Terribly entertaining. Glad you're enjoying it," he toss over his shoulder as he continues to move toward the cauldron in question, fae still held up tightly by the arm and it's resumed chewing on him. He's going to have no choice but to kill it when they're done. The fae has had far too much of his blood to be allowed to live then he'll be high because who wants to waste good fae blood? Not Eric Northman, that's who. While he tugs Dawn along he threatens the fae in a variety fo creative ways, promising a pleasant death or a very painful one depending on how quickly the fae breaks the magical circle around the cauldron.

They reach the edge of the circle and Eric starts fulfilling some of those promises about pain. First, however, he rips a piece of his shirt off and stuffs it in the fae's mouth so that she can't cast any kind of magic or spell on him. This might take a little while. She's stubborn.

the_dawnster: (Dawn ♦ 40)

[personal profile] the_dawnster 2016-03-22 03:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Okay, so maybe it isn't as entertaining for Eric, who is for sure doing all the heavy lifting now that Dawn is high as a kite, as it is for Dawn because of aforementioned 'high as a kite'. That doesn't really occur to her as fully as it should. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knows they're still in danger. In that same place she knows that Eric now has split attention tenfold because of her current state. Later, she'll be so pissed that she was useless. Right now, it's just funny.

She laughs, then tries to stifle a laugh as she hangs on to Eric's belt loops as he fights the fae. There's blood spray all over her skin, her dress, in her hair. Eric is covered in blood too. She has no idea what's his and hers and what's fae.

There's a moment whens he feels the sharpness of claws down her back, the tearing of fabric, and she sobers briefly. Four long claw marks down her back. That hurts. Is she going to die? Dying is scary. Dying is also kind of funny right now. Dying is...

Living is harder, a voice in the back of her mind chimes in with this. She agrees with it wholeheartedly. "We're not gonna die. We're the road less traveled types." She tells Eric, as if he has an insight to her meandering thought process.
vikingly: (Pissed)

[personal profile] vikingly 2016-03-23 08:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Eric doesn't mind doing all the fighting himself. He simply wants Dawn safe. There are worse ways to spend a fight.

Yes. They're a mess. They're definitely going to need a shower when they get home then Eric will have to send the car out to be detailed.. He's not entirely sure what's his, hers or fae either. As long as they're both moving forward, it's okay.

He smells Dawn's blood and turns, probably whipping Dawn around a bit to grab the fae that injured her. He twists it's neck a couple of times, pops it's head off and tosses the body and the head in different directions with a primal roar.

"We are not going to die," Eric promises her as he grabs up the witch fae again. He gets in the fae's face, fangs bared. "Did you see what I did to that one? I can promise you that your death won't be nearly as quick unless you drop that fucking circle now!"

The fae witch is shaking and Eric knows that he's got her. She mumbles some words, makes some gestures and the circle flashes bright then with an audible pop and the smell of ozone, Eric is able to step over the line. He holds the witch up by her throat. "Get out. Leave and if you ever touch anything of mine again, I will skin you alive then hang you in my basement so that you can be a blood bag for the rest of eternity!" He then throws the fae away from him, sending her sailing. He moves to the cauldron then.
the_dawnster: (Dawn ♦ 65)

[personal profile] the_dawnster 2016-03-23 08:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Of course, in the aftermath of this debacle there's going to be the need to explain what the fae had wanted to use her blood for. Eric knows that Dawn is different. She hasn't been forthcoming with him about why she's so different. He's asked on occasion. She diverts attention like a pro. He's very patient with her, as if he knows eventually she'll have to tell him.

Now that the fae know what she is and how to use her, that means anyone around her is in danger too. More will come for her. They always do. Maybe fae, maybe something else far more strange. In the back of her mind, she's thinking through all of this, worried Eric will dump her as more trouble than she's worth.

Her back is one big ache, but thankfully that stinging is dulled with the way she's drugged. Something inside her jumps around excitedly when he calls her 'mine'. She likes that. She wants to be his. Her crush on Eric Northman is far more than a crush at this point.

Dawn follows him to the cauldron and flips it over, dumping the contents out, some of it her own blood, now sullied by the soil beneath it. "Did I help?" She asks him. She really hopes that's it. Nothing horrible is happening, but geeze, she needs to sleep for eighty years after this with how tired she is. "The world's not ending?"
vikingly: (I care okay)

[personal profile] vikingly 2016-03-25 02:10 am (UTC)(link)
There's definitely going to be some explaining to do. He's reasonably sure that fae wouldn't want a normal human's blood, but then he's known there was something different about Dawn since the moment he smelled her blood. He just doesn't know what she is yet. She is a pro at diversion and he's been happy enough to be diverted. It won't work after this though.

He's not going to dump her, but he won't defend her if she won't be straight with him.

He'll take care of that as soon as they get somewhere safe. It's okay. He's got more than a crush on her as well, or he wouldn't deal with this sort of thing. He wouldn't go as far to say he loves her right now, because he's Eric Northman and love doesn't come easily for him. The last time he'd fallen in love it had ended badly for him.

Well, that settles the matter of what to do with the cauldron. He smirks at her question. "Indeed. I was just puzzling over what precisely to do with the cauldron," he tells her and steps closer. "The world isn't ending. Are you ready to go home?"
the_dawnster: (Dawn ♦ 15)

[personal profile] the_dawnster 2016-03-29 07:00 pm (UTC)(link)
"When in doubt, destroy it." Dawn says with a definitive nod. She gets that much from having watched her sister fight the big brewing evil all these years. It's weird how evil is always big and brewing, isn't it? Evil never sleeps, nor are they minimalist.

Dawn reaches out to hold onto Eric, just trusting that he's taken care of all the faeries. She's still not thinking that clear, but yes she's ready to go home. "Home, please. Maybe something chocolate and fried food. You know, comfort food for the aftermath of almost dying."
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[personal profile] vikingly 2016-03-31 11:57 pm (UTC)(link)
"I can't really argue with that logic," Eric agrees. It's not always his first response, but it's certainly the easiest. Nothing ever sleeps in Eric's experience, good or evil. The argument could be made that good doesn't sleep because evil doesn't sleep, but Eric thinks it's cyclic.

He's taken care of the faeries. "I'll have Ginger go get something." He fires off a quick text then wraps his arms around her, shoots up off the ground and flies toward his house.
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At Eric's house, Dawn immediately finds a shower and bathes the blood and guts off of her. Her back is still a mess of claw marks but they've scabbed over. She uses Eric's comb to pull it through her hair. Then she slips on one of his Fangtasia shirts that's way too big for her and exits the bathroom.

She finds Eric on the phone in his living room and moves over to the couch, waiting quietly for him to get done. She sits and pulls her legs up to her chest, idly scratching at the scars she's had for years on the inside of her wrists.

When he hangs up, she looks up. "You know, maybe I could bring some of my stuff over here. Have a drawer of things, some shower gel and stuff?"
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Eric showers as well and by the time Dawn is done, he's dressed in a pair of dark track pants and a black tee shirt. He looks up when Dawn comes in and smiles slightly, but continues issuing orders and making plans. He hangs up the phone and tosses it to the coffee table.

He nods at Dawn's suggestion. "You could move in properly if you like. The house is largely empty during the daytime." Because he's got his basement darkroom that he goes down into to sleep during the day. He keeps one bedroom and bathroom with his clothes in the closet and dresser.

He bites his wrist and holds it out to her. "For your back," he tells her. Yes he could rub blood in the wounds, but there's no reason not to give his blood to Dawn. He's already forged a connection with her and it helps to know where she is at all times and if she's in danger, as they proved tonight.
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The idea of moving in is both exciting and scary. She likes Eric a lot. Moving in would take her away from Buffy again. Things never seem to go well for her when she's away from Buffy. Of course she gets in trouble when she's with Buffy too, so maybe there isn't that much of a difference.

"We could be roomies? Yeah. Maybe." She says with a thoughtful nod.

Then Eric is beside her and offering a bloody wrist. It isn't anything new for her anymore. It doesn't gross her out like it once did. In her mind this is just another way to stay safe. Eric can find her and feel what she's feeling and all that.

Dawn takes his wrist and drinks his blood. It'll make the aching sting at her back go away.

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