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Open Post 2016 2017 Edition

Pick one of my characters or drop any of your characters in and get a random choice.
Pick a scenario or use RNG (or make one up if you don't see what you want here).
Have fun!

I. Roadtrip

1. BREAK DOWN. Oh snap. Your car decided to break down out in the middle of nowhere. WHAT DO? Is that Leather-face? Will this be "Children of the Corn"?
2. HITCHHIKERS? Is this even a good idea? Threads may also have a third participant. Go wild.
3. WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST HIT? Dude, I hear deer mess up cars... Or I think that was a deer...
4. DON'T MAKE ME TURN THIS CAR AROUND. Alas. You're the parent or disgruntled friend who has had it up to here with all the fighting in the back. This thread may also have a third or even fourth participant, if you can wing it.
5. OMG, I WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THIS LANDMARK! No, no, and no. You tell that person that they're going to be driven around and they're going to like it.
6. THE GREAT ESCAPE. Either dinosaurs or the moth-man is chasing you. Don't stop now.
7. MAKE OUT. For whatever reason, the person you're traveling with in the car. You would love to make out with them and then some.

II. Cuddles

1. SWEET DREAMS. It's been a long day and all you want to do is sleep or just rest your eyes for a bit. Hopefully whoever is close by doesn't mind if you use them as a blanket.
2. STORMY WEATHER. The heavy rain, thunder, and lightning won't be letting up anytime soon. Luckily, it's the perfect weather to stay indoors and snuggle up close and keep warm.
3. SLOW DANCE. It's the end of a party, or maybe it's only the two of you, but the tempo is slow and the lights are low. Let your dance partner take the weight and just sway.
4. SURPRISE ATTACK. Time to invade someone's personal space. Are they working too much and need a distraction? Maybe you just wanted to brighten their day. Either way, they won't see it coming.
5. MOVIE NIGHT. It can be on the sofa or in a darkened theater, but you've got your popcorn and someone to settle against during your favorite movie.
6. I LOVE YOU, MAN. It's totally platonic, really. You're just very good friends, no matter what people like to think. But you just love your friend so much you want to hug them, whether they like it or not.
7. JEEPERS CREEPERS. Welp. You were just frightened. Was it a spider in the washroom, a ghost in the attic, a bad dream? Either way, you're looking for someone to cling to right now, and who better than that person right there?
8. HURT AND COMFORT. Whether you're sick in bed, just been dumped, or suffered a traumatic event, you need someone to wrap their arms around you and make everything go away.
9. SUNDAY MORNING. Maybe you just had a wild night. Maybe there's just not enough space at your place and you need to share your bed. Or maybe you just got really tired and someone else happened to be there. Doesn't matter because now the person with you looks way more comfortable than any blanket or pillow. Drape to your heart's content.
10. MOMENT AFTER. You just had incredible, vigorous sex and if you weren't a cuddler before, you are now. You're probably too exhausted to do anything else anyway. Just enjoy the moment.
11. PLAYER'S CHOICE. Pick one or make up your own!

III. Hurt/Comfort

1. INJURY. You've been injured. Broken bones or bleeding out or maybe just a tiny little paper-cut. The choice is yours.
2. SICKNESS. You're sick and laid up in bed, at home or in a hospital. The severity is up to you.
3. FEAR/ANXIETY. Something is happening and you're scared beyond belief.
4. LOSS OF SENSES. Sight, touch, taste, hearing, smell, etc. You've lost some important sense or ability and now you're left to deal with it.
5. DESPAIR. Nothing is good or right anymore and you can't shake the depression. Maybe that friend of yours can help though.
6. MAKE UP. Fight or break up, it's time to make up.
7. RESCUED. You've just been held captive and/or tortured for however long and finally, someone has come to the rescue.
8. BAD ROMANCE. Fight, cheat on, abuse, whatever the case is, someone else can clearly see you need comfort from someone who isn't your terrible lover tonight.
9. LOSS. You've experienced a loss of some kind and need help getting through it.

IV. Texts from Last Night

1.Go here
2. Make Magic happen

V. Intimacy

1. PHYSICAL INTIMACY. It might just be innocent touches or it might be foreplay.
2. LONG CONVERSATIONS. Honest words can be more intimate than touch.
3. DRUNK. You're over-sharing or simply maudlin.
4. FORCED INTIMACY. Magic. A truth serum, whatever - you didn't mean to bare your soul, but that is precisely what you're doing right now.
5. SLOW-DANCING. There is something inherently intimate about trusting someone else to lead you, and someone trust you to lead them.
6. OTHER. Intimacy can come in many forms. Pick your poison.

oo1. The Meeting:
How did you meet? Was it at an event organized specifically for finding your other half? By accident? Did you follow a mystical calling to them? Some other way?

oo2. Rejection:
Sometimes Sentinels or Guides propose a match but it's just not perfect. You don't feel the pull or maybe you think there is someone better or maybe you're already claimed. Maybe you were claimed and someone better came along?

oo3. Protection:
Sentinels are meant to protect Guides, any Guides, but it's even worse when they feel their Guide is in danger. They go feral; blind to anything but stopping and killing whoever threatened their Guide or the bond. Maybe someone attacked your Guide or you haven't bonded yet and you feel threatened or maybe you're the one doing the threatening. Whatever the reason, Sentinels in a feral state are dangerous and only their Guides can stop them.

oo4. Lost:
Sentinels often lose themselves in their senses. Either you're a Sentinel who has lost themselves or a Guide that has stumbled on one or a friend trying to draw them out. Unbonded Sentinels will find it hard to escape without a Guide. Or maybe you're bonded already which means you just need yours to come home.

005. Persecution:
Sometimes normal people or the government fear the power of Guides and Sentinels. Guides are empaths, feeling the emotions and sometimes passing thoughts of others and it can make people feel violated. Sentinels often have enhanced strength, which can make them dangerous. So they scorn them, hurt them or in the case of governments, regulate them.

oo6. Old-School:
Guides used to be treated on the same level as slaves. Unable to work unless their Sentinel said. Not allowed out on their own. They used to wear collars and couldn't own land or inherit money. Maybe the old ways haven't completely fallen out of style.

oo7. Unbonded:
Nothing sucks more than being an unbonded Guide or Sentinel. Always looking for your other half to fill that empty feeling but you probably have friends that aren't your match or who are trying to set you up with someone. Maybe you're skeptical about the whole love at first sight thing and haven't been looking.

oo8. Wildcard: Some mish-mash of the above or anything else you can come up with!

Other Options
Don't like any of the above? Here are some other options:
1. Picture Prompt: go here or any of your other favorite picture sites. Leave me a few pictures and I'll set something up.
2. Pick a prompt from this prompt tumblr or try googling OTP prompts
3. Insomnia! One or both of you can't sleep. Be awake together.
4. Leave me a scenario, lyrics, a word or a quote
thefeckingmega: (dani ☘ three)

I do what I want! For Barry.

[personal profile] thefeckingmega 2016-01-17 10:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Don't ask Dani O'Malley how she ended up here in Central City. All she knows is she started running and didn't give up, didn't ever stop until she got here and found herself running faster than anyone else should be able to run alongside someone else. What the feck? She's the only one who's supposed to be able to do that! Not fair, world! Not fair! Her one special thing that sets her apart from all the rest and someone else in a red jumpsuit's got the same ability?

Not bloody likely. Something's amiss here. Leave it to Dani 'Mega' O'Malley to figure it out. Dani's smart, smarter than anyone really gives her credit for.

So they freeze-frame along, Dani zipping past him and stopping short. Him slipping past her and stopping short. Again, and again, they circle around each other until they just go at it in one long run, speeding together through the streets, the wind whipping past Dani's long flaming red hair and her feeling like she's flying. Until Dani's endurance starts to peter out. Of course it does! Can't let Dani O'Malley get the better of a guy in spandex even! Fecking hell!!!

She keeps trying to jump start her freeze-frame. In short bursts she goes and then slows down until finally it isn't even worth it. She pauses to pluck a candy bar our of her pocket and start munching on it. Food should help. She always has food on hand.
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in3: (the Flash)

[personal profile] in3 2016-01-18 02:55 am (UTC)(link)
Central City isn't a bad place to end up. The moment Barry sees another speedster, he panics a little. The only other one he knows of is Wells and that didn't turn out so well. He's deeply curious as well. She doesn't seem to be trying to kill him. That's new and refreshing.

There's always something amiss in Central City.

It's a game: let her get ahead then speed past. He assumes she's doing the same: letting him get ahead then speeding past him. Barry loves running. He always has, but he'd only really come to love it once he'd gotten his power. Running this fast was like flying. The only reason that Barry isn't running out of endurance is because he trains for this all the time. He's been training to beat Wells and that had required a great deal of endurance.

Barry catches up with her and comes to a stop. "haven't seen you around," he says by way of greeting.
thefeckingmega: (dani ☘ ten)

[personal profile] thefeckingmega 2016-01-18 07:54 pm (UTC)(link)
When he stops, green-gold eyes look him up and down as if he's an oddity she's trying to suss out. She looks at him like a person looks at a magician while trying to figure out the trick part of a card trick. Surely it's a trick. Aside from Ryodan's men, she's the fastest. This boy's got to have some sort of trick up his sleeve that makes him able to run fast as Dani can, maybe faster, but that's still up for debate far as Dani's concerned.

"Course you haven't seen me about. I've never been out of Dublin 'til now." She speaks around the gooey chocolate and coconut in her mouth, swallows, takes another quick bite.

It's somehow very obvious that she's no longer in Dublin. She's only just starting to understand that much. Outside of Dublin? Away from Ryodan and Dancer and Christian? Away from Barrons and Mac! Holy shite! She's all alone! Well, not all alone, just without all the people she knows. This is both terrifying and exciting at the same time. Dani starts to vibrate, becoming a blur of a person in front of the boy.

"I'm not in Dublin. Where the feck am I?" The vibrating blur seems to turn around, looking up at the buildings surrounding them.
overadozen: (Default)

The great escape - for Del Spooner

[personal profile] overadozen 2016-01-18 08:47 pm (UTC)(link)
One minute her shuttle got caught in a nebula and Quill, Rocket and Drax were screaming at her over the comm unit, the next her shuttle was being hurled across the galaxy at astonishing speeds. Several bits and pieces of the inner-workings started to malfunctioning and then she was crashing into the atmosphere of a mostly blue planet. Even the escape pod malfunctioned. Gamora, only a mediocre pilot, had barely landed the shuttle in tact. It skidded to a stop in a park in Chicago. Grabbing every weapon she has, she sets out on foot.

The land is strange to her. People stare at her green skin as she passes them and she holds her head high and continues on her way. There is artificial life here, which is nothing new, although this life seems somewhat advanced in the way it seems to notice her rather than blindly complete tasks of one kind or another. One such life form glows red and tries to subdue her. It gets a swift kick that sends it across the street. Then, what she assumes are the authorities are upon her.

Gamora, a skilled fighter, warrior, assassin, makes quick work of a few more robots here and there. That's when she notices she is severely outnumbered. She hunkers down in a warehouse, after breaking in, of course. The space is massive and dark save for the light coming in from the large cargo windows near the ceiling. She hears something behind her and turn swiftly, ready to fight with weapons in both hands. She is shadowed in the dimness. So is this man. Neither of them can fully see one another rather than the dark shadows of their shapes.

"You should back away, beast." She assumes it's another of the strange artificial beings.
the_dawnster: winchesterway (Default)

For Eric Northman

[personal profile] the_dawnster 2016-01-18 09:02 pm (UTC)(link)

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in3: (the Flash)

[personal profile] in3 2016-01-18 11:38 pm (UTC)(link)
She's striking, those eyes and that hair. Yes, that is one of the first things that occur to him. She's also studying him. It's pretty clear that she's not from Central City by her accent, not to mention he thinks he would have noticed another speedster. No tricks. He's just done a lot of training lately. One has to run really fast to go back in time and that's been his goal since he discovered he could do it. Of course, he'd made the decision not to change the past, but that's neither here nor there right now.

"Do you--there's a great food truck around the corner. We could get some tacos." He knows how hungry he gets when he runs this way and he's starving right now. Of course, tomorrow's blog will show The Flash getting tacos with a redhead, but that can't be helped.

He sees that panic coming even before she starts vibrating. He can only see her because his brain processes images faster so that he can see when he's running. "Hey. It's okay. Slow down."

"Central City." At least he can answer that one easily enough. "Missouri, the United States." Since she's not from here.
robotist: (Sweet potato pie)

[personal profile] robotist 2016-01-18 11:52 pm (UTC)(link)
It's a normal day at the precinct for Spooner. He'd stopped by his grandma's early that morning, had coffee and sweet potato pie then headed into work to get some paperwork done. Unlike some detectives, Spooner likes paperwork. It's one of the few things that's done the old fashioned way. Yes, he has to log it into the computer, but he also has to fill out a hard copy. That's the part of paperwork that he likes.

He's in the middle of his nice, soothing, old-fashioned paperwork when they get the call. A robot attacked a woman whose skin appeared to be green and she took it down. More importantly she took several of the department robots down. Spooner doesn't play well with other and splits off from the rest of the detectives that go after her. He's creeping down the alleys when he notices one of the warehouses have been broken into. It'd make a great hiding place. He creeps in through a back door. It's only by her weapons and her defensive stance that he knows he's found the right person.

"You're gonna hurt my grandma's feelings callin' me names like that," Spooner says creeping a little further out of the shadows. His hands are slightly out by his side. He's got his gun tucked away in a holster. He's wearing a plain, black, long-sleeved tee shirt, a black knit cap and dark jeans. He's not trying to hide the holstered gun at all. He's also got his detective badge hanging from his front pants pocket so she can see it.

"You caused a little bit of panic back there. Pulled me away from my coffee just when I was contemplating a second piece of sweet potato pie."
vikingly: (Bloodthirsty monster)

[personal profile] vikingly 2016-01-19 12:15 am (UTC)(link)
Eric is quickly realizing that there is no world in which Dawn doesn't need saving. She's not a damsel in distress, not really, but she is surrounded by supernatural beings and that leaves her a out-powered more often than not. Eric doesn't mind rescuing her. He likes the fight and the violence; he always has. He worries, of course, that he won't get to her in time. His blood can heal a lot of things, but once she's gone there's nothing he can do and he's lost enough people in his time. He doesn't want to lose Dawn.

She's got more than enough of his blood in her that tracking her isn't a problem. He lands in a snow covered forest, trees bitten with frost. He chooses to use the element of surprise and lands right in the middle of the Frost Fae camp. By the time he's reached Dawn, almost a dozen fae lay in various pieces scattered around snow that is more red than white. He's drunk on fae blood and has a couple of patches of frostbite on his cheek and hand. He'd been smart enough to cover everything else up. Of course, the more fae blood he drank, the more immune he became to their frost attacks.

He tears off the door to the cage they'd trapped Dawn in, bent low to step inside.
theycalledmeacurse: (alone)

For Eric

[personal profile] theycalledmeacurse 2016-01-19 04:30 am (UTC)(link)
Ending up in the middle of nowhere in Western Europe hadn't been on her list of things to do, but Rogue hadn't really had much say in the matter when that portal had opened up and dumped her in a field outside some small French village. She supposed she had to be grateful that she at least spoke the language of the place she'd ended up, or things could have been a lot worse. Still, with no money, no identification, and no idea of where to go, things were pretty bad in their own right. Because this was definitely not her world.

Vampires. That had been her first clue that things were a little different here. And by clue she meant big flashing neon sign. Because vampires were out in the open, generally accepted by people, and that substitute blood was found in every big market she passed. And if she was being honest with herself, she was a little angry that people that died during the day and had to drink blood to survive were more accepted in this world than mutants had ever been in her own world.

That was her second clue - no mutants. She was one of a kind, a strange new variety of monster that would have to hide who and what she was for the rest of her life, however long that turned out to be. She wasn't giving up though; she'd survived years of torture and the literal end of her entire world, she could survive this too. Starting over wouldn't be so bad, living a quiet life somewhere and doing her best to be 'normal'.

Or it could be a living hell. Hard to say, really.

Either way, she'd gotten her hands on a little money and after a few rounds of cards with some locals, had scrounged up enough for some decent clothes and a train ticket to a decent-sized city. Or so she'd thought. Maybe she'd read the schedule wrong, or maybe the staff just didn't like Americans, because the last stop turns out to be a little station that was miles from her destination, and at eleven o'clock at night she has the options of sleeping at the station or walking along the road, maybe trying to hitch a ride.

She chooses walking.
thefeckingmega: (dani ☘ twelve)

[personal profile] thefeckingmega 2016-01-19 10:32 pm (UTC)(link)
For as easy on the eyes as boys have been telling her she is, especially lately, since she's started to grow into her eighteen years, Dani is still ever the tomboy. She just doesn't see what's so great about her that it makes boys stare. On top of that, she wasn't so much raised by anyone as kept in a cage by her mom until Rowena had plucked her out for her sidhe-seer abilities (don't even get her started on the fucked up-ness that was her relationship with Ro) so she can be somewhat of a wild thing, un-tethered to any social graces or niceties aside from doing all the dirty work of what needs doing.

So when the boy asks her if she wants some food, she sort of hesitates around a mouthful of chocolate and coconut. If she weren't someone who'd once been fed very little, she would have offered him some of her candy bar. If she'd known who he was and why he has her ability, that is! Still not fair! Nope, this candy bar is hers.

Needless to say, the money she has will not work here in the US of A. That almost embarrasses her so she skips right over the offer of food even though she's hungry. And how exciting is it to be in the USA?? Super exciting!

"Can't help it. I vibrate when I'm excited." She says with a shrug. She vibrates a lot, and not just when she's excited. "I'm in the bloody United States! For the first time." In the blink of an eye she's in front of him and shaking his hand. "Where'd you get this costume, eh? Why don't I have a costume? Don't hide much, does it?" She lets go of his hand and walks around him, looking him over. "Good thing about runnin' fast, keep in ship shape!" Dani's now reaching out to pinch a bit of the fabric at Barry's arm and pull it before letting it snap back into place.

"Speakin' of, what're you doin' stealin' my gig? I'm supposed to be the fastest runner!" Not really. She's all bluster right here. Ryodan somehow moves faster than her, bastard.
the_dawnster: (Dawn ♦ 40)

[personal profile] the_dawnster 2016-01-20 06:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Dawn will always be a liability, especially to those who know or figure out why she's not exactly entirely human. The fae want to strengthen their portals into Faerie? They just found themselves a Key that will do just that. And now that they know about her, there will be no end to those wanting to use her blood for the ritual that will do just exactly what they want, and maybe even more since the ritual will tear down more walls than just those that lead into Faerie.

This is one of those times she wishes she had super strength or super anything. Why had the Monks made her so un-special? So innocent and (basically) helpless when pit against Supernatural things? Monks are stupid, she thinks, and not for the first time.

When she hears a scuffle outside, the familiar sounds of a fight, she starts trying to peek outside of the cage. Everything is happening so fast. Suddenly there are dead fae all around and Dawn, shivering, watches a blur of activity with another fae until it stops long enough for her to see Eric. "Eric!!!" She screams, rattling the bars of the cage. It doesn't budge.

But of course, when Eric tries, he rips the door right off its hinges. She leaps at him, holding on tight. Her wrists have been cut and the only reason she didn't bleed out is because she'd jammed them into the snow to freeze them. "They have some of my blood."
overadozen: (gamora ↵ six)

[personal profile] overadozen 2016-01-20 09:02 pm (UTC)(link)
"I do not know your elders, not are their feelings any of my concern." Yes, she sounds completely serious as she says this. How her actions have any affect on this man's 'grandma' is beyond her, not only her understanding, but also beyond her in that she has bigger problems at hand. Perspective. Also, Gamora tends to take things she doesn't understand in their most literal interpretation.

He steps closer and she steps further into the shadows. Bits of the green skin of her arms is cast in the light of one of the windows across the way, her weapons belts and straps something militant and... advanced. Even the material of her clothing looks armored in ways. Her hair shades of red and pink and purple. The sliver of light moves over all of this as she steps backward.

"What sort of planet allows their artificial intelligence such freedom to attack innocents?" Not that Gamora is entirely innocent. But she's done nothing on this strange planet... that she remembers, at least not yet.

There's a hesitation here where she debates a question and then decides to ask it. "And what is... sweet potato pie?"
in3: (the Flash)

[personal profile] in3 2016-01-21 03:32 am (UTC)(link)
There's nothing wrong with being a tomboy and Barry can imagine that attention is hard to get used to. He'd been lucky growing up with the family he had, he knows that and it's made him very much the person he is now. One's childhood definitely affects that.

He doesn't mind that she's not sharing.

She really doesn't need to be embarrassed. Once she's fed, Barry would direct her to a bank where she could change her money, as it is he lives with his adopted father and he's got an actual grown up job, he can afford to buy her some food.

He can't help but grin when she says she's excited. "In that case, welcome to the United States." He shakes her hand, a little shell shocked. he's accustomed to moving that fast, but he's not accustomed anyone else moving that fast, even with his experience with Wells. "A friend of mine made--" then she's pinching it and telling him it doesn't hide much and he's blushing. He's sure it looks ridiculous with his mask.

"Maybe in Ireland," Barry tells her with a cheeky grin, "But you're in the USA now."
vikingly: (Discussion)

[personal profile] vikingly 2016-01-22 08:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Eric doesn't mind that liability. In fact, it's one of the things he likes about Dawn. He likes the power she holds, even passively and, let's be honest, he likes the power it gives him that she's his. Fortunately, for Dawn, he's also moved beyond that and he loves who Dawn is, how she fights and tries and handles her life. The way she looks is an added bonus, not to mention the way she smells and tastes.

He's been helpless a few times in his life. He knows how angry, frustrating and vulnerable it is, but unless Dawn wants him to make her a vampire, there's nothing he can do about that. Regular infusions of his blood makes her a little faster, a little stronger and she heals a little faster, but it's not a lot of help against this lot.

He hears her yelling for him, but he's a little occupied. He does get there as quickly as he can. Of course, he's got fae blood on him. A lot of fae blood on him.

"Then we'll go get it," he tells her as he raises her wrist to his mouth and licks along the cut. He didn't have to do that; he just wanted to taste her blood. He then bites his wrist and rubs his blood along the cuts. They heal instantly.

"Any idea where they took it or shall I track it by smell?" If she knows, that'll be easier because right now there's a good deal of her blood in the case. They'll have to get away from that before he can properly track it.
the_dawnster: (Dawn ♦ 40)

[personal profile] the_dawnster 2016-01-23 02:33 pm (UTC)(link)
The fact that Eric likes the thing she hates about herself has really done a lot for Dawn. She's always had this underlying guilt over her very existence, over how much trouble she causes and what a liability she is. She's always had this underlying fear that Buffy regrets her existence, saving her, or will grow to regret it eventually. Dawn Summers : professional life ruiner.

Not with Eric, though. He seems to accept all those little bits and pieces of her. He even seems to celebrate him. And he isn't so inherently good that she feels guilty should her existence get in his way, like leading him to a snow covered forest, for example.

It always surprises her when her skin heals right before her eyes. She's also thankful for it. She has one scar there that's been there so long that it can't be healed, when she'd first found out she was the key and cut herself open. She'd been known as emo girl at school after that. She doesn't like remembering it.

Also, as always, his tongue on her skin is never a bad thing.

"They put it in a big cauldron in the middle of a stone circle. It might be warded, I don't know. They're using some pretty potent magic, Eric. You have to be careful." She's too worried in the moment to be too terribly quippy. But... "But they gave me this weird dress, so... free stuff?" The dress in question falls to the floor, has a high empire waistline and a plunging neckline that shows off Dawn's cleavage. It's pretty, in a renaissance fair, cosplay kind of way.
thefeckingmega: (dani ☘ four)

[personal profile] thefeckingmega 2016-01-23 03:53 pm (UTC)(link)
She isn't just telling him it doesn't hide much. She also gave him a hinted compliment. Because he does look good in it. Dani is wearing sneakers, jeans, a tank top and her long leather coat (which totally looks bad ass). Her sword, the infamous sword of light, is hidden in the confines of her coat, out of sight. It's one of only two fae relics that can kill the unseelie. And yes, it's hers. Nobody touches her sword.

That cheeky grin gets a coquettish tilt of her head and a grin of her own. "USA's full of speedsters, eh? Well, guess we're not so special anymore." She steps back, examining her nails as if she gives a shite about her nails, which are short and have a bit of dirt beneath them. "Guess I'd rather be in Ireland."

The look she gives him is playful, betraying the truth of the matter. Ireland is overrun by unseelie at this point. No hope of getting out of it. Being here is like a vacation. She'll take it.

"Name's Dani. Dani O'Malley." She searches his face for any kind of recognition. In Dublin a lot of people know her. Some know her as Dani. Some know her as the Mega, he signature for all the reports she leaves around town about the fae and the general state of things. She's gonna be famous someday! World wide famous. A legend! Just wait, world. Here comes the Mega! She saved the fecking world! Someday.
robotist: (It's a human thing)

[personal profile] robotist 2016-01-25 04:35 am (UTC)(link)
"Kids these days," he grumbles as he takes another step closer to her. "It ain't like the old days. I miss the old days." He sounds like he's seventy instead of early thirties. He's used to bantering with people, putting them off their guard a little and hopefully putting them at ease a bit.

He sees the green skin and he knows that she's like nothing he's seen before, but she doesn't seem to be a robot either. If she is, she's a much more advanced model.

"Don't get me started on the whole robot situation. It's all bullshit if you ask me. We ought to get rid of the lot of them." With the exception of Sonny. The rest of them can go to hell for all he cares. "They saw you as a threat. I'm not saying it's right, but--" he shrugs, hands out in a casual sort of manner.

"You're kidding, right? The best thing you have ever eaten. There's a place around the corner that doesn't do a bad job with it. To really appreciate it, you'd have to have my grandma's, but you could start with the diner 'round the corner. Why don't you come on out? I'll get you some coffee and a piece of pie. You can tell me how you destroyed those robots 'cause those were some pretty sweet moves from what I saw. I'm Spooner, by the way. Del Spooner."
vikingly: (Charming business man)

[personal profile] vikingly 2016-01-25 04:51 am (UTC)(link)
Guilt isn't really an emotion that Eric is comfortable with. He doesn't see the point in guilt. It accomplishes nothing. She's not a life ruiner as far as he's concerned. He does plenty of things to ruin his own life.

No, he's not inherently good. In fact, he's fairly grey as far as morals go. He's done evil and he will again in his unlife. He tries to 'be good' in the grand scheme of things. And the snow covered forest is interesting, so are all the fae he consumed. He's going to be high for a day over this.

He doesn't like her remembering it either. He's simply glad that she's not in that place anymore, that she has made some peace with what she is. He knows that takes a while sometimes. Tortured really isn't his thing.


He nods. "Alright. Care to come with me or would you like me to put the cage door back on and come retrieve you when it's done?" His eyes rove over her and an appreciative smirk curls his lips. "I like the dress. It suits you."
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[personal profile] in3 2016-01-26 11:27 pm (UTC)(link)
He got that implied compliment and he's flattered by it, but it was implied and maybe it wasn't actually a compliment? Maybe he just wants it to be because she's hot and she's a speedster and it would be nice if she flirted with him and yes, the coat is a good coat.

"Well, I've met one other," he confirms with a grin. His brows go up a bit at her declaration that she'd rather be in Ireland. "At least give me a chance to show you Central City before you make that decision."

Yeah, he sees that look and it makes him wonder what's up in Ireland.

"The Flash," he responds, but he doesn't give her his real name and there's no recognition of hers. He can only imagine that the group at STAR labs will want to give her a look over. He'll broach that subject later. "Why don't I take you by my headquarters? We'll have pizza delivered and I can change into regular clothes."
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Eric is constantly surprised by how many different kinds of beings there are in the world. He'd assumed after so many centuries walking the earth he'd seen and heard of everything. The world constantly proved him wrong. At the end of the day, survivors were the only ones left and Eric appreciated someone who could survive because he's a survivor as well. Having a chance to start over is always a blessing, Eric thinks, but then he's started over many, many times in his life.

After everything with the vampire authority had gone down, Eric had moved out of Louisiana. He'd come to France for that fresh start as well. He's got a small wine bar in a little town in France. He's just closed up and is taking stock of the town, trying to while away his hours when he catches sight of a woman he doesn't recognize (from behind) walking along the side of the road. He slows his car, a little red convertible, and pulls to a stop next to her.

"Awfully late for a woman to be out by herself," he says in French.
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Rogue grips the strap of her duffel bag a little tighter when she hears the car, not quite trusting anyone regardless of their species, but fully realizing that she'd have to give a little on the matter if she was going to make it in this place. It was going to be a while yet before she could be her old self-sufficient self, and seeing as she probably had another good ten miles to go, she might as well start taking her chances now.

That's why she stops when the car does, listening to that perfect French before tucking her two-toned hair behind her ears and turning to face that little red car and the absolutely gorgeous man driving it.

"I'm not afraid of the dark," she responds in French with a smile, her pronunciation perfect even if her natural southern drawl slipped in to ruin the effect.
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[personal profile] the_dawnster 2016-01-27 07:15 pm (UTC)(link)
While the way Eric looks at her is something she'll never grow tired of, his words make her eyes roll in the most dramatic fashion ever. "Oh please. This dress screams sacrificial lamb - damsel in distress. I'm sick and tired of people and demons and faeries thinking they need to dress me up like a barbie doll. Someday I'll get kidnapped by someone with better fashion sense than Pollyanna."

Secretly, deep down, she loves every movie Haley Mills has ever done, including Pollyanna. But she doesn't say that to Eric -- because he's Eric. On the other hand, maybe he wouldn't think it stupid since the story was originally a best-selling series of novels that Dawn has already devoured awhile back. Nope. She's keeping her mouth shut on that one.

Instead, she gives him a look that she hopes is more kick ass and stubborn than Pollyanna-ish. "Of course I'm coming with you. Not a damsel." Let's be real here though: in some ways Dawn is absolutely a damsel. That was the whole point in the monks choosing to make the key into an innocent, helpless thing; so that Buffy would be compelled to protect it. But in the end, staying in there any longer than she had to would have majorly squicked her out. Given the choice, she's out of there immediately.

She'll follow him out of the cage, wishing she had her crossbow. As she's weaponless, she'll just stick close to Eric. She's even pinching the back of his shirt so that the connection is there. That might not last long because the remaining fae who haven't fled or died are encroaching. Their glamour is down and they look strangely grotesque. "Uh... incoming. Also, at least I'm prettier than Tinkerbelles."
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"You can only move forward." Nostalgia has never been something Gamora has allowed of herself. When Thanos had killed her parents in front of her and tortured her to make her 'his' assassin, well... he had destroyed any nostalgia Gamora might have had. But he had not destroyed her, a fact for which she holds much pride. She's only just recently started looking backward a bit. She knows where she doesn't want to be. Now she just has to figure out exactly where she does want to be.

When he steps closer again, her chin lifts and she steps forward too, an effort to try to get him to back off. This puts her in the light; her odd hair, her green skin, the ridges in her skin at her cheeks and brow, her golden eyes. She's trying to look like a threat, survival of the fittest.

For a moment, she does look like a very scary thing. But as he continues and talks about this... sweet potato pie, her hard lines melt a bit with her confusion.

Is he asking for her assistance in dispatching the AI's? Because she thinks she would like that. If they're being troublesome, then she has every right to destroy them. She is a Guardian now, even without her friends to back her up. "Gamora." She answers, watching his face for any sign of recognition. Throughout her parts of the galaxy she's known as the most dangerous woman in the galaxy.

Her head cants to the side. "You will not take me in, Del Spooner?" She has to know if this is a trap. She did destroy some of those things, but only in self defense.
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A city with two other speedsters? Well, that's certainly better than a city full of them. Two, she can handle. With only two others to compete with, maybe she could still be the best! Dany Mega O'Malley! The best, fastest, strongest, wittiest, smartest -- oh, no. She isn't always the smartest. Even she can admit to that. But she's one fecking hell of a gal!

"The Flash!?!? Ugh! Why didn't I say the Mega? I'm the Mega!" She says her name and then he comes up with an awesome name like 'the flash'? Not fair! That's such a cool name! Why did she never think of that name? She's pretty irritated about it but she sighs and tries to put all of that aside, for now. In the back of her mind though, she's grumbling about how the Mega is way cooler than the Flash... name wise. Because it is! Maybe.

But wait! There's more!

"You've got a headquarters??? A headquarters that has pizza? Feckin' hell! You got a whole set up." She's vibrating again, the freckles on her cheeks seeming to blur first before the rest of her. She forcibly makes herself stop the second she realizes that she's doing it. "Feck yeah, I want to go see your secret headquarters! You should put the word secret in there because it makes it sound way cooler. Also, I've never had pizza." She's only ever seen pizza in TV and movies.

She starts walking with the flash. "I'm dyin' to have pizza!" She nods at the street. "You go. I'll follow." Dani gives him a wink. This time if she's a little slower, well, it's because she's purposefully following! There's a reason!
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Trust shouldn't be something that's given easily. Too much damage can be done when someone gives their trust. However, she is going to have to levy a certain amount of trust if she wants to survive.

When she turns, if Eric had breath, he would lose it. He knows it's not Sookie. she doesn't smell like Sookie, but except for the hair, she could be Sookie's twin. It's probably obvious from the look on his face that he's quite taken by surprise.

He can tell she's not from here, but her French is fantastic. "All the same," he starts. "I could drop you somewhere if you like."