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2017 Open Post

  • Pick a muse
  • Leave a prompt, scenario, pictures, lyrics or some other form of set up/inspiration.
  • I'm a-okay with assumed CR. If you'd like to discuss something, email me
  • Anything else? See the above email.
  • louisianawolf: made for me; please don't take (Hayley; commission [18])

    @ Peeta » teleios-verse

    [personal profile] louisianawolf 2017-08-17 08:05 pm (UTC)(link)

    (have some super cute family-themed image prompts because [community profile] teleios fam forever.)

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    @ Peeta » teleios-verse

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    In a couple of weeks, everyone in Teleios will begin harvesting crops and preparing for a long winter shut up in temple, but today they're celebrating summer with a lakeside party. There's a massive water obstacle course for the adults and those that know how to swim, but there are little kids in Teleios now (something Peeta loves about this place) and Peeta wants his favorite toddler, Marissa, to have a place to play so he's had one of these installed as well far enough from the lake to be safe.

    He'd encouraged Haley to go play in the water while he watched Marissa and played with her. Just as they're coming down one of the inflatable slides together, he sees Hayley approaching them. He smiles at her and waves, scooping Marissa up in his arms as he gets to his feet. He walks toward Hayley, Marissa squealing and babbling excitedly at her mother.

    "Obviously, she had a lot of fun."
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    elena » i just want you to be glad (post-canon)

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    Postcard - Jukebox the Ghost
    Most weeks, Bonnie doesn't call. Cell reception in Senegal isn't what it used to be, so she sends postcards back to Mystic Falls. I miss you, she'll inevitably write on each location as she travels from town to town on her work visa. Wish you were here, she writes too. She wishes Elena could bask in the beauty of Queenstown, or simply enjoy a flat white in a cafe in Capetown. Or maybe, she wishes her best friend were traversing the national parks as Bonnie sought to reconnect with her magic.

    (The Bennetts could trace their history back to South Africa, and the longer she stayed, the stronger her power - and her confidence - had become.)

    But eventually, she makes her way back to the States, and in turn, back to Mystic Falls. As she sets her suitcase on the ground, she can't help taking in a breath and looking over her best friend.

    "Elena! Hey!" Her voice is almost a squeal as she rushes over. Bonnie's dark hair is now tinged with blonde highlights, and she's got a healthy sunkissed tan. But more pressingly, and most distinctly, is how happy she looks. It's a far cry from the doom and gloom that had accompanied her in Mystic Falls. "It's so good to finally see you!"
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    Elena had looked forward to Bonnie's post cards. They always set her mind at ease, letting her know that her friend was okay, but more than that they let Elena know that Bonnie was finding herself; she was living her life. Those postcards all went up on Elena's fridge. She looked at them while she drank her coffee or ate a quick meal. They let her feel like she was with her best friend.

    Elena's smile couldn't be any wider when she spies Bonnie. She rushes toward her, embracing her and squeezing her tightly. Elena's hair is shorter than Bonnie has ever seen it, a bob that doesn't brush her shoulders. "Bonnie, you look so good," she gushes as she finally pulls back, hands still on Bonnie's shoulders so she can look at her. "I can't believe you're here!" She turns and slides her arm around Bonnie to keep her close. "We've got so much catching up to do. I've taken a couple of days off work, stocked the freezer with ice cream and filled my phone with lots of Taylor Swift. We're having a slumber party."
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    "Likewise!" Bonnie pulls back too, just to better see how much Elena's changed. Short hair - that's new. And super cute. One more sign of how life has changed, and yet somehow completely remained the same.

    There's a small squeal that escapes her lips at the mention of TSwift (girl's gotta have her guilty pleasures!) and she can't even pretend to look embarrassed.

    "Just for me?" Bonnie's practically beaming, despite the complete and utter surprise in her voice. "Come on, Lena - I'll be here a while. You seriously didn't have to..."

    But it's a formality, and Bonnie knows she'll cave to the siren songs of ice cream and Taylor's new album. When she's got the best company in the world, how can she even think of arguing for more than a couple of seconds?
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    [personal profile] proweird 2017-09-05 07:47 pm (UTC)(link)
    It's practical for her life now, but she's very pleased that Bonnie thinks it's cute. Elena thinks that it's the friendships that don't change, at least the good ones, no matter how much life does. She's so incredibly grateful for that.

    Guilty pleasures are the best ones and one should neve be embarrassed about them, especially around friends.

    "Just for you. Caro might stop by for a little while, but she's got a standing date with the girls." Elena bumps Bonnie's shoulder with her own. "I know I didn't have to, but I wanted to celebrate your first night back. I told Damon to find some place that's else to sleep. It's just you and me for most of the night."

    Elena certainly hopes she'll cave. After all, she's been looking forward to this.
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    [personal profile] bonnfire 2017-09-09 03:26 pm (UTC)(link)
    "She could just bring Lizzie and Jo," Bonnie protests lightly, knowing full well that Care will do no such thing. The twins changed the dynamic entirely - and as much as Bonnie loved doting on them, she also knew the Forbes needed some family bonding. "I had a new song to teach them."

    One she'll teach in-person, to boot! But she leans on Elena, allowing herself to finally and truly relax.

    "Sounds like a plan," she admits, with that tired resignation in her voice. Elena really had thought everything through, and a True Friend wouldn't let those well-calculated plans go to waste. "I can always catch up with the drama queen later."

    Because as much as she loves Damon, she also knows she'll never hear the end of it later.
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    surprise me

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    [Chloe said it often enough that the number one rule of reporting was getting sources verified and the facts straight. To his understanding it was more by the book that way and he needed to do that way if wished to be taken seriously in the industry. In his case though that wasn't always as simple. Super hearing meant he could uncover anything from a great distance without a face to face interview or recorder (hidden or otherwise) present. Not that he would bug just anyone without feeling he had good reason too. Clark was simply not that sort of person. However, it did mean the information he caught on to was invalid for a story or warning to the general public of Metropolis, aka New York City. And that meant his only option was to act the hero himself. His sense right and wrong was too great to leave it be like some people might leave the fate of pollution and global warming efforts up to the government.

    Nope, but not him. When Clarke heard business dressed men talking about getting out of town before 'the earthquake' could destroy the entire city it was something he took seriously. It sparked his do-gooder nature to jump into action and after a series of events it lead him to a Chinese Restaurant. A lot things up to that point really didn't make sense to him but he zooms stealthily through the back, stopping right in the kitchen and surprising the present owner who jumped in surprise and then grouchily tells him his friends were in the front. That didn't mean anything good to him so Clarke ushers the man out, telling him to run where it's safe, and then approaches the thin door that his so called 'friends' were behind and uses his x-ray vision to scout out just what he was in for.

    It strikes him as odd that the owner said friends when he spies only one person in the room.]
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    [ Jessica really isn't up for team building exercises; she hasn't drank nearly enough whiskey for that. Despite that, she's here with a water bottle full of whiskey (girl's got to have coping mechanisms).

    While waiting, Jessica is pilfering pieces of lemon chicken off a plate. Her weight is against the table and she stretches out to grab the chicken, then resumes her leaning. She's wearing her one pair of jeans and a black tee shirt with her leather jacket thrown over it. She is clearly becoming impatient.]
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    [personal profile] kryptolite 2017-09-14 03:27 am (UTC)(link)
    [How does she feel about customer service exercises or interviews? Because Clark has enough common sense to take a few moments to look around and see if these "friends" come back. However, when no one else comes in sight, he leaves his common sense behind him like he leaves the back room, stepping into the open to the find answers he's seeking.

    His clothing - flannel shirt, red jacket, blue jeans, and all - may give him away as a farm boy extraordinaire somehow in the wrong place, but his attitude suggests something deeper than that. He's here to change what can hurt so many people, just looking a little unsure as to how yet. The sight of an impatient Jessica makes him more unsure of what he's walked into. She doesn't look like trouble, but in his experience it's sometimes the ones that don't.

    Of course he starts by giving her the benefit of the doubt.]
    You wouldn't be waiting for anyone up to no good, would you? [That was another Chloe rule in reporting, he guesses. Cut to the chase.]
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    [personal profile] withwhiskey 2017-09-15 02:53 am (UTC)(link)
    [ She has an excellent idea where those surveys and interviews can go. He'll probably hear her mutter some curses while she's waiting. She looks up when he steps inside the restaurant proper.

    Yeah, there's definitely a farm boy vibe about him. Also, who dresses the kid? His mother. Don't answer that. She doesn't want to know. She's getting the something deeper thing too. He might be a farm boy, but he's something else too. Something that makes her scowl at him, or maybe that's just a side effect of waiting. Patience isn't a virtue Jessica possesses. Also, she totally takes offense at the idea that she doesn't look like trouble. She is tons of trouble.

    Oh good. She likes that, at least. He's also pretty easy on the eyes. What? She's bitchy, not blind. She pushes herself off the edge of the table when he speaks and takes a couple of swaggering steps toward him.]
    That's probably a matter of opinion. Who wants to know?
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    [Yeah. That is the response he typically gets these days. Last thing he is expecting is anybody to be in a light mood when involved in something like this, one way or the other.

    He dresses himself just like everyone else thank you very much. He can positively promise he won't go anymore deeper into that though. Right now all he's focused on is puzzling out her as a potential threat or not. She gives off an irritated vibe that makes him unsure if it's him (not that he's sorry if it is) or her natural state. Either way he figures he should be cautious.

    Her coming over to him does not make him step back, but it does make him nervous. Fighting with her would be unfair probably if that was about happen. She's good looking herself, but he really isn't thinking about that.]

    Answer my question first, and I'll answer yours. [Deal? Seems fair. He hesitates for a moment, then considers opening up to at least some truth of his being here first.] I'm not looking for a fight, only the answers to what's going on in this city. If you're with those trying to harm the people in it, I will have to stop you.
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    [ Maybe he ought to get into a different field Of course, most people aren't pleased to hear from Jessica professionally, but that's how she likes it.

    Well, isn't he a big boy! To him, she's not nearly as much a threat as she is to the average human. Of course, she doesn't know that. It's her natural state. Cautious is good. Jessica likes people who treat her with caution. It makes her like him a little better.

    It's okay. She didn't seriously expect him to step back. He's a giant and she's a small woman. However, she's not actively looking for a fight, just curious what the hell he's doing here when she was supposed to meet one of the other wonder quadtruplets.
    She considers his offer a moment. It's fair enough. ]

    Deal. For now. [ She can't help but laugh at his question.] Look, I'm pretty far from a hero, but I'm not out to harm anyone. [ She pauses a moment. ] I'm just a PI trying to do her job.
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    [personal profile] kryptolite 2017-09-16 01:24 am (UTC)(link)
    [It'd be nice if it were that simple. Unfortunately, there are many good as well as personal reasons to why he cares enough to stay in his chosen field. He's accepted that means he'll have to deal with all types of unsavory characters.

    Sure, big and strong. Of course he's going to be cautious because looks can be deceiving. And besides a part of him still has a problem with the idea of fighting a woman. Chivalry isn't as dead as they say it is. At least it wasn't when your last name was Kent.

    That seems to be the gist he is getting. From far away she may seem a little taller than she is, but the closer she gets to him the more he can see she's not as tall as her attitude makes her seem. Somewhere where Lana might be if she were standing there in front of him now. He thought about her less and less these days. The person in front of him was more feisty looking than Lang.

    As she's his only clue where to go next, he reluctantly has as much time to wait on her answers as it takes. He's glad she thinks it's fair.]

    For once I'm glad to hear someone say deal. Makes my job easier. [His lips thin into a fake smile due to her laughter.] Can I quote you on that? Clark Kent. Reporter. [He's joking about the whole quoting her thing, but it's his way of asking her if she's being honest.]

    You have a name or should I call you PI?
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    [personal profile] withwhiskey 2017-09-16 02:04 am (UTC)(link)
    [ Oh Geeze. He sounds like Trish (who happens to be one of the few people in the world she loves, but that's hardly the point).

    Whether she wants to admit it or not (spoiler alert: she doesn't) it makes her like him more that he doesn't underestimate her. Looks can and often are decieving. 90% of Jessica is attitude. The other 10% is raw, unpolished strength thanks to her ability. She'd think it was adorable that he didn't want to fight a woman and she'd use that against him if at all possible. There's also a little part of her that she will never give into that thinks it's sweet. It's something that is straight out of her life from before the accident.

    She's not intentionally making him wait for answers, not really. She's simply considering his deal and how much she far she wants to go with it. ]
    Quote away. Good thing I didn't throw more f bombs in there. [ She holds her hand out to shake] Jessica Jones.
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    [This Trish sounds like good people. If fate has anything to do with like it does with this meeting, maybe he will happen to cross paths with her too.

    Well, he tries live up to the man Jonathan Kent raised him to be. There's nothing more to it than that.

    He'll deal. Impatience is a human trait even he can't shake sometimes. He wants so bad to be able to speed on to the clue, but at least there seems to be merit talking with her. Her status as a PI alone suggests to him there's definitely a lot more she could know. Considering his actions for a fraction of second as well, he raises his hand shake hers too. His gut tells him to trust her, for now.]

    No one's stopping you. But I'd be obligated to omit those in any of my writings. [Plus, if she can tell, he's not really one for swearing either. He has no judgement about anyone casually swearing here or there though.] Nice to meet you, Jessica Jones. I have to guess that you're not looking into the same thing I am though. What is it that brought you here?
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    [ At least they can agree on something.

    That's so sweet. Jessica is basically still the 15 year old emo kid she was when her parents died. Personal growth is for losers.

    She's actually a damn good PI. It's one of her more developed skills: that and day drinking. She's also reasonably trustworthy. Shocking, right?]

    Yeah, I know. [ She's never quoted word for word by anyone that doesn't want to offend half their audience. ] Depends on what you're looking into. PI, remember?

    [ that was not an answer. She sighs, muttering a little under her breath.] Fine. I'm supposed to meet someone that'll help me with my current case. I thought it was going to be someone I already knew.
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    [It's not like he doesn't miss his dad every day, but he is definitely fortunate to have learned from him to be able to remind himself that he can't give up that easy. Plus he has his mom to remind him every so often.

    Shocking, indeed. But he'll have to get to know all that by working with her or not. He's still not certain if that's what going to happen.

    No, that does not answer his question and it draws a little more on his hero-ly patience. So,]

    Earthquakes that can take down the city. [He provides her with his reason instead.] Heard someone talking about it - in passing, and the things they said sounded pretty convincing. I don't suppose 'The Hand' or 'Luthor Corp' mean anything to you either.

    [Is she assuming maybe it's him she was meant to meet here? He's been set up and tricked into many situations before, both through people looking out for him and looking to trap, but none of those situations were as bizarre as this if she was getting at that.] You think someone brought us both here? Why?
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    [ Jessica doesn't allow herself to miss her parents or it's a black hole she won't ever crawl out of. She never would have recovered from their deaths in the first place without Trish.

    Good to know premonition isn't one of his powers. That'd be creepy.

    Jessica lives to irritate.

    ...that noticibly gets Jessica's attention. She takes a step back, turns on her heel and paces, racking one hand through her hair.]
    Are you sure you haven't talked ot the others?

    [ She sighs a bit and crosses her arms over her chest, her weight going to one leg. ] Because my collegues and I have been working to try and bring down an organization called 'The Hand'. I know. It's a stupid name for an evil corp but no one asked me.
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    [personal profile] kryptolite 2017-09-23 04:52 am (UTC)(link)
    [There had been a time when his dad first passed where he acted out, almost went as far as to cause a man's death for stealing his dad's watch (even if just by associating himself with the wrong person), but he had people to help. Chloe and his mom had helped him through it most. In some ways he guesses he was just lucky. If anything happened even the slightest bit differently he could be in the same shoes as Jessica with never wanting to think about it again. Clark and red kryptonite comes to mind. Jessica might have a lot in common with him when he's like that.

    Yeah. There are some things best left unknown. Maybe not so much in this case with the city hanging in the balance...

    She's doing a stand up job in that case. Actually, she really does know how to catch on to things even he missed. He didn't mean to let it slip where knowing about the details might mean he's done something extraordinary. His secret his not something to tell so easily.]

    No. What others? You have more friends involved in all this somehow? [Sceptical is how he's trying not to sound since she's on the case, potentially the good side here, but he does.] It's just me. I happened to over hear something I shouldn't have when these men weren't being careful with what they were saying. It makes things easier to know they're a corporation.
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    [ Oh she probably would. She'd hate herself for it, but so much has happened to Jessica that she hates herself for she's comfortable with that.

    She's mediocre at a lot of things, but she's a damn good PI. She doesn't care if he's got secrets. He can keep them as long as it doesn't put anyone she cares about in danger. ]

    I wouldn't call them friends. I have acquaintances. People I know that are trying to stop the Hand. [ She quirks an eyebrow at him, clearly trying to decide whether to beieve him or not. He's got plenty of reason to lie to her, in her opinion, but there's also a good chance he isn't lying. For the moment, she decides to trust him. ] So you're going to take them on single handedly?
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    [personal profile] kryptolite 2017-09-25 01:55 am (UTC)(link)
    [Oh. It puzzles him how it makes any difference, but there is a notable distinction between her having acquaintances over friends that almost makes him wonder enough to ask. Almost. Now is not really the time, he feels. When is it ever.]

    I stand corrected. So, your acquaintances are involved is this? How, if you don't mind me asking?

    [Secrets, of course he has them. But he has good reason not to tell every tall, dark and pretty woman he meets in a Chinese Restaurant. This time her next question is one he catches on to it might tell more about him than he's willing to say.]

    Well, sort of. I was planning on locating them and reporting them to the proper authorities. [That wasn't completely a lie. He would call them after the whole saving the day thing.]
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    [personal profile] withwhiskey 2017-09-30 02:10 am (UTC)(link)
    [ It makes a difference because Jessica doesn't have friends outside of Trish. There's only so many people she can protect. At Clark's question, Jessica gives him an 'are you stupid' look. Her hands go out to her sides. ]

    What? We're all special snowflakes. We're trying to protect the world for the rest of the assholes out there. God only knows why.

    [ She figures it doesn't hurt to tell him that there are other people with powers. She's not naming names. If he's any kind of reporter at all he would have found out about people with powers.

    Her brows go up and she laughs. ]
    And you think the 'proper authorities' can do a damn thing about the Hand?
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    [personal profile] kryptolite 2017-09-30 10:17 pm (UTC)(link)
    [Well, that answered his question, but told him nothing of the sort about powers. It can be said that sometimes Clark is that dense.]

    I suppose that would make me one, too. It's the right thing to do.

    [Eventually, though, he will put two and three and four together. Right now his awareness of other super powered people is limited to the ones that show up in his chaotic life. Maybe he'll actually pick up a paper sometime instead of focus of writing for one and see the Defenders.]

    After I help them out, I don't see why not. I don't plan to do nothing to stop them when I find them [He doesn't know why he's sharing that with her. Maybe her comment gets under his skin that much.]
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    @ Gracie

    [personal profile] thuggishlife 2017-09-16 10:32 pm (UTC)(link)
    It wasn't the first time that he'd found himself in the small, comfy bookshop. He'd taken to reading quite a bit, considering there were no Law & Order reruns to help him fall asleep to at night. That and it was a convenient excuse to stop by the shop and check in on Gracie. The more books he read, the more things he had to talk to her about, not that there was ever really a need to keep the conversation going. It was more of a want, really. One that had been steadily growing the longer he found himself here.

    This was the first time he'd arrived with flowers, however. And though he was wearing a warm smile as he stepped over the threshold to the sound of the tiny bell above the door, he suddenly felt his nerves ramp up his body temperature. He glanced around the small shop, seeing no sign of it's owner.

    "Hello? I'm looking for a book? It's a real bodice ripper. I think there's pirates? Gold. Definitely a deserted island and a pet monkey."
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    Aww I'm so glad you picked her. This is perfect

    [personal profile] dorkify 2017-09-17 08:36 pm (UTC)(link)
    It hasn't escaped Gracie's notice that Foggy has been stopping by the bookstore on a regular basis. She likes picking out books for him, making suggestions and then having conversations about the books they've read. She's generally perfectly happy to read in silence with someone (and she would be if Foggy didn't want to talk) but she enjoys their conversations so much. She's begun to look forward to their time spent together.

    She's also begun questioning why she's looking forward to their time spent together. It's simple, isn't it? He's a good guy; he's interesting, funny and kind. Oh, he's also good looking. Not that that's a--oh who is she kidding? She's totally noticed that.

    When he comes into the bookshop, Gracie is in the back unpacking a new box of new to some world (she assumes) books that had appeared. However, the 'back' room is just behind the front counter and Foggy's request. He can probably hear her laughter even before she appears, hair pulled up in a messy bun, cut off shorts and a Harry Potter tee shirt.

    "I'm not sure about pet monkies, but we can look in the bodice ripper section. I saw something called The Pirate's Wench there the other day."

    That's when she sees the flowers. She stops, a bright smile lighting her face as she looks to Foggy. "Starting a floral shop down the street?"
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    [personal profile] thuggishlife 2017-10-01 08:30 pm (UTC)(link)
    He grins at the sound of her laugh and it only widens as she steps into view. How Gracie manages to look so perfectly casual and cute is a mystery. Then again, he has a feeling that he'd think almost anything she did was cute. Just like he thinks the way she gets so engrossed in her books is cute. Or the easy way she laughs at his lame jokes. Or the way she manages to light up a room just by being in it.

    "Oh, good. I'm a sucker for wenches." The smile on her face is priceless as she sees the flowers. He holds them out to her. "No, but it's not a bad idea. Probably be of more use than a law office."

    He clears his throat. "I... they made me think of you."