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Boom! It looks like you've just landed yourself in the middle of an apocalypse. It might've been fate that's brought you and your significant other into this turmoil, but who knows? Maybe you'll stick it out.

DIRECTIONS |Pick a MUSE | Post that muse and preferences in the subject header. Go to RNG and roll 1-7 for the SETTING, then choose either one of the FEELINGS sets and roll 1-11.


1. But There Is an "I" in Pie → Zombies are running wild. Maybe it was a virus, maybe it was a curse, or maybe no one knows how it started in the first place. Whatever the case may be, the reanimated dead are now a grisly but unavoidable fact of life. Thankfully for you, they tend not to move very fast. If you're lucky. Aim for the head!
2. Do Not Run, We Are Your Friends → Aliens landed. They came, they saw, they conquered. They did not come in peace. Maybe you're a member of a secret rebel cell seeking to overthrow your alien oppressors. Perhaps you're from another planet, seeking to liberate the planet from those that think big lasers mean they can walk all over the pesky humans.
3. Six-Demon Bag → There was the world you knew, and then one day there were monster, non-euclidean (or optionally less eldritch but still awful) horrors that now walk the world, leaving death, injury, and possibly madness in their wake. This is now your nine to five. How long can you possibly last?
4. Completely Operational; All Circuits Functioning Normally... → God made Man, Man made Robot, and then Robots rose up and struck down Man. Robots have taken over (most of) the world. You're likely part of one small cell of surviving humans, or maybe you're pets of the new robotic regime, necessary for amusement and perhaps tasks considered beneath the new, superior intelligence.
5. I Don't Wanna Hear 'Act of God' → Maybe it was bad luck. Maybe Mother Earth had PMS. Whatever the case, the Earth itself is involved in what brought about these end of days. Maybe it was volcano, a flood, earthquakes, an asteroid, maybe every animal and plant with teeth, claws, or poison suddenly turned against humanity. Maybe it was all of the above. Whatever the case, one thing is very clear: you're only ever hours from the next world-shattering Cataclysm.
6. Please Remain Calm And Proceed to the Nearest Exit → There was a new disease. Highly infectious, very deadly, and it wiped out most of the world's population. Maybe you're holed up in a bunker somewhere waiting for your supplies to run out. Maybe you have hazmat suits you have to wear topside when you go to hunt for new supplies amidst the dead and decaying as those supposed to be tending to the infected themselves fell sick.
7. This Was Not in the EULA → Other! Choose your own adventure style.


1. Appreciation → Show appreciation for your lover; with words, a look, or whatever your choice way to display affection is. You know you won't be with them for long.
2. Cuddling → Maybe it's insanely hot and you all are tired from running, and maybe you just want to cuddle and make it all go away.
3. Surprise → In the midst of it all, you have a surprise. What is it?
4. Reunited → It's been awhile since you've seen each other and nothing, nothing, can ruin this moment.
5. Passionate → Your love is heated and passionate. You've never wanted your lover's company quite like this before.
6. Drawn Together → No matter how you try to not need or be around each other, you're always drawn together.
7. Make Up → You've been fighting and now it's time to actually make peace.
8. Stand Tall → Other survivors oppose you or your relationship, but as long as you've got each other, you can deal.
9. In Control → You're in control here at this time of need, and you need to remind your lover of that.
10. Desperate → You're desperate for your lover's company, when all else fails.
11. Wild Card → Mix & Match or just play out the general Apocalypse setting.
1. Uncommitted → You're not actually in a relationship. You just use each other. Or that's how one of you is starting to feel anyway.
2. Fight → You're in a fighting mood, but it might just be your situation.
3. Doubts → You're doubting yourself, your relationship, everything.
4. Forced → You or your lover is forcing the other to stay with them, manipulating them and threatening them to stay.
5. Cheated → You or your lover has cheated on the other. Must be getting lonely being a survivor.
6. Hate → You're both downright hated and hunted for being together, ridiculed and outcast.
7. Break Up → It's time to break it off, whether you want to or not.
8. Lies → Your relationship is built on absolute lies.
9. Betrayal → You've betrayed each other in some horrible way and it's time to fess up.
10. No Trust → You or your lover don't trust each other due for some reason. Can a relationship survive this?
11. Wild Card → Mix & Match or just play out the general Apocalypse setting.

**mix, match and tweak these to your heart's desire.


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