Mar. 15th, 2016

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It’s been a very long time since Matt has gone on a proper date, much less a first date. In spite of that, he’s surprised to find that he’s nervous. He and Katniss live together. They know most of each other’s secrets so this isn’t a first date in any conventional sense. However, he’s aware that she’s never really been on a date of any kind and he wants to make sure it goes perfectly. He’d spent far longer than necessary deciding on the details of the date and he’s still nervous that none of it is right. He does feel a little better with a plan though.

He takes off from the office a little bit early to make certain that everything is ready then goes back to the apartment to get dressed. He’s going for somewhat more casual than the suit and tie he wears to work, but somewhat nicer than what he wears when he’s not working. That means nice, dark jeans, a pair of black loafers and a dark jewel-toned blue, long sleeved tee shirt. He’s also got a nice black jacket. An attempt at shaving particularly close (he’s usually got a perpetual five o’clock shadow because of the dangers of a close shave) he ends up with what feels like a decent shave and a cut on his chin. He has a drink at the bar while pacing the living room and waiting for Katniss to get ready. He doesn’t mind. It gives him one more time to go over the schedule for the night.

They’re having dinner at a nice Italian restaurant not far from here. He helped the owners out in a legal dispute when he and Foggy had first opened their firm. He’s already arranged to have a bouquet of sunflowers waiting on the table (roses don’t seem right for Katniss to him). The owners have also arranged for a special meal for them including dessert.

After dinner, they’ll be presented with a small bag that Matt packed ahead of time, including a pair of trainers for him and a pair of jeans, long sleeved pull-over, trainers and a hair tie for Katniss just in case she decides to wear something nicer than this for the date. He’ll then have a taxi take them to their next destination. He’s got no idea how to kayak, but lessons are promised and he’s reserved a two person kayak so they’ll be together. He figured she might like to do something new, something active and get to see a beautiful view of the city.

After that, the rest of the night is free. They can take a walk in the park or go for coffee or just go home. Now, if it all goes as well as he hopes, it’ll be a first date worth remembering, which is something he desperately wants to give Katniss.


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