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Pick a muse
♥ Leave lyrics, pictures, quotes, videos. I'll take it from there!
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♥ I am a-okay with assumed CR
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Surprise Me ♥

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[You know I welcome ALL the things so have some pretty pictures for possible inspiration.]

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Let's start here

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Peeta is fairly certain that Rose likes the kitchen best because it's where the food lives. However, is also fairly certain that her second favorite reason for liking the kitchen so much is because he is so often found there. She's in her accustomed spot, sitting on the counter next to the over (he's always afraid she's going to burn herself on it) legs swinging a little (because she knows that he's afraid she's going to burn herself), devilish smile (it's the only one she has, he thinks in the moment) on her face.

Meanwhile, he's at the island making french toast for breakfast; they're both picking a plate of bacon he fried earlier to eat while he bakes (shhh he's totally going to crumble the pieces that he'd hidden away over the top of their plates). He is trying to pay attention (really) to the recipe and the food in front of him. He's trying and failing, and she knows it.

"You're very distracting," he tells her, eyes sliding up the long length of legs displayed so fetchingly in front of him.


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throw anyone at me!

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Going AU b/c her canon

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After Gwen had died, he'd taken a year off from...well...everything. He'd mourned, grieved and eventually figured out how to live with what had happened what he'd done. NYU had been happy to have him. They'd even given him a full ride. he lived in the dorms and went home on weekends to check up on Aunt May. He'd acquired a motorcycle that made getting around campus and around the city a little more...normal.

He'd met Allison in one of his English classes. They'd had a project together; it had been one of those group projects in which one or two people do all of the work, Allison and Peter had been those two people. He hadn't minded though. In fact, he'd started to look forward to project meetings and rather than question it (rather than let fear make him flee) he'd simply accepted it.

They're wrapping up their last meeting for the project and Peter is screwing up all his courage. "There's this coffee shop a little ways from here--would you--I mean--I thought maybe we could g-go for coffee. If you wanted. I've got my bike parked outside."

Good idea, Peter: caffeinating yourself when you can barely talk for nerves. She's the first girl he's asked out since Gwen and he's gotten rusty, as if he was ever very smooth.

au sounds great

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you know what this is for XD anyone or multiples?

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Tim had first met Prim while he was deeply hungover. He'd stumbled into her apothecary shop thinking it was a fancy name for a drugstore. He'd been after aspirin. Instead, Prim had taken care of him and his hangover. She was gorgeous, there was no doubt about that, but she was definitely not Tim's usual type. She was far too sweet, too kind, too genuine. She was also, it must be mentioned, not nearly slutty enough. Because of this, Tim hadn't bothered to ask her age. He'd thought she'd be a friend, like Becky had been back home. He needed friends; he always had.

With that in mind, Tim had started showing up at the apothecary on a regular basis. Sometimes he'd bring beer and drink it. Sometimes he'd show up already drunk. Occasionally he'd even be sober. From time to time, those trips would turn into coffee dates (because Tim refused to drag Prim into the whole bar thing) or something similar.

Today it's gorgeous outside and Tim has decided he's going to teach Prim how to play golf and possibly tag football. She'd suggested making it a picnic and he'd agreed. He'd bring the beer. She could bring the food. He picks her up at her house in the 1986 Chevy pick up that had appeared in front of the apartment building one morning. He's gone over it a dozen times. There's no doubt that it's his truck, and he's grateful to have something from home here. He's got blankets in the back along with the football and golf clubs. There's beer in an actual cooler along with some sodas and bottles of water. He'll get out of the truck and wait beside it for her.

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Whoever you wanna play with him

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THIS this is who

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She quit slaying. She'd warned Giles that she would and it's not simply spite that drove her to make good on her word. Some spark flickered out when Dawn died and she's pretty sure she wouldn't have lasted a week slaying anyway. She has no idea how they've handled things without a slayer because Buffy left Sunnydale and never, ever looked back.

She's still not slaying and she's not sure how she ended up in Bon Temps, Louisiana. She spends a lot of time drifting from town to town, or she did for a while. She's better now, a little more stable. She's been in Bon temps for a few months now and she doesn't have plans of moving on. She refuses to think about much of that has to do with Alcide. She'd met him one night at a bar. It had started out a one night stand because when Buffy started being careful with her heart, she stopped being careful with her body.

It hasn't remained that and Buffy doesn't want to examine too carefully what it has become. She spooks too easy, guards her heart too carefully and for the first time since Dawn died, she feels like she might be breathing again. She unlocks the door to the little cottage near the woods and steps inside, slipping her feet out of her heels at the door. She knows Alcide is there, and she doesn't mind at all. He's got a key for a reason. She doesn't say anything though, aware that he knows she's there as well. He's tingle-tangle, pinpricks up her spine, all heat and safe. She doesn't know what she feels like to him; she's far too afraid to ask.

Once the heels are off, she pads barefoot into her bedroom to change into sweatpants and a tank top. Alcide, where ever he is, will find her when he's ready.

Yay! o/

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Re: Yay! o/

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[Teleios] Peeta

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[Teleios] Peeta

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Being the emissary of Teleios has been, thus far, pretty much what Peeta had thought it would be. There's a lot of paperwork and a lot of future planning. He has to make sure that they're producing enough food both to feed everyone in the moment and to put away for the winter. Most of the time, the population entertains itself, but he does plan festivals and celebrations for people (with Effie's help). The hardest part of his job is the diplomacy. He has to meet with the other emissaries on a semi-regular basis. He's just come back from such a trip and Katniss had stayed to keep an eye on things for him. It's the beginning of the planting season here. He'd wanted to make sure it went smoothly and he knew Katniss would help with that.

He walks through the door, dropping a leather satchel next to the door. He toe-heels his shoes off and steps further into the house, removing his jacket and hanging it up in the closet. "Katniss, I'm home," he says, walking further into the house. He's aware that she might be out hunting, though it is a little late for that, closer to evening than anything.

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Matt Murdock

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It's not often that New York City shuts down with snow, but as the cit starts to waken, it becomes obvious that today is just such a day. The court date that Matt had been preparing for has been rescheduled. Once he calls Foggy to let him know, he sets about making tea. He's still wearing the pajama pants that he'd slipped on when he'd woken up. Once the tea is done, he carries a cup into the bed, putting it on the wooden crate that serves as a nightstand next to the side of the bed that Katniss has taken over. He perches on the edge of the bed and leans in to kiss her temple.

"Hey, sleepy head, wake up," he whispers to her. They're going to take advantage of this snow day.

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August Anderson

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Auggie and Katniss know better than most how the world is full of monsters with friendly faces. They deal with those monsters every day. Lately, Auggie has been trying to figure out which of those friendly faces were actually monsters and which only appeared to be, which ones were monsters that he could trust. Most of the time the secret meetings that he goes to are easy to slip away to. After all, he and Katniss still live in different districts and she has to be in the Capital often. She really only gets to visit after those Capital trips on her way back to District 12.

She's here in District 4 for a few days after such a trip to the Capital and Auggie has arranged for them to go out on the boat, as they usually do when she's here. This time is different in that there's a little island with a secluded beach that he wants to show her. It's also different because he's going to tell her about the rebellion, his part in it and invite her to join them. They're getting ready to move and they could use the Mockingjay to help out. More importantly, this might be the chance they've been waiting for to finally live a normal life together.

Once Auggie docks the boat and the take the little jetski into the island, he parks it as well and with Katniss' help, set up a little camp site. They'll probably go sleep back on the boat--it's just more comfortable--but it'll be nice to sit out here on the beach with the fire. Once Katniss has the fire blazing brightly, Auggie pulls her close, wrapping his arms around her tightly.

"I've missed this," he tells her. He's missed her, but he's particularly missed having her in his arms. He always does when she's gone.

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Peter Petrelli

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Since that day that Peter learned he had powers, he's met a lot of different people and he's learned that the world is so much bigger than he ever realized it could be. Meeting Jenny had fallen into both of those categories. She's extraordinary, but she doesn't have any particular powers in the way that he's become accustomed to. She's made him realize how massive the world is. She's from another world entirely, partially another species entirely.

Despite being awed by her (and charmed) from the very beginning, they've been moving slow. He likes Jenny, a lot, and he thinks she feels the same way. He's just not sure how to push things a little further. In any case, he's got an outing planned for her and he's hoping it'll turn into more of a date than outing. They're going on the subway and they're going to stay on it to see the Old City Hall Station. In fact, he's going to cheat and use his phasing power so they can phase through the subway out into the station itself. They'll have to jump from the subway into the station, but he thinks that they can manage it.

He hasn't told her much about this date (he likes surprising her) but when they begin to approach the station, he reaches out to take her hand. "Okay, you're going to have to trust me here. When we start around the curve, we're going to run at the wall and jump like it's not there. I promise, it'll be okay."
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Lorelai Gilmore

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To this day, Lorelai doesn't really know how or why Peter showed up in Stars Hollow. She'd met him at the secret bar (Babette had told him about the secret bar, which figures because he's gorgeous and Babette is Babette and really, the secret bar is only a secret from Taylor--their mayor). Anyway, she'd run into him at the secret bar. He'd been drinking whiskey, she'd been drinking martinis and he was bitter, maybe a little angry and delusioned. He'd needed a place to stay which hadn't been a problem because Lorelai owns a bed and breakfast. She'd taken him back to the Dragonfly Inn, got him a room and left him there for the night.

The next morning she'd met him for breakfast. Even without the alcohol, they'd just clicked. They'd made each other laugh (which is Lorelai's favorite thing). Peter hadn't been in any hurry to leave Stars Hollow and Lorelai hadn't needed the room for anyone else. Days had turned into weeks and Peter had, more nights than not, ended up in Lorelai's room, instead of his room at the Dragonfly. He'd even met Rory on one of her weekends home. Unsurprisingly, they'd gotten along really well. Paul Anka (the dog) even likes him.

It had been a busy weekend at the Dragonfly; Lorelai is pretty sure she hasn't seen Peter while either one of them were fully awake in at least 72 hours, which is why when she finally leave the Dragonfly after getting everything squared away from the weekend rush, she's really looking forward to spending a night in with Peter. She shoots him a text to let him know she's on her way home then gets in her jeep, stops by Al's Pancake World for Chinese and kicks off her heels as she steps inside the house, hands full of bags of food. "Honey, I'm home," she yells out, putting the food on the table then leans over to ruffle Paul Anka's ears, baby talk him a little and kiss the top of his head. When she straightens, the dog goes over to her heels. It's his routine. He'll pick them up very carefully in his mouth, take them up to the bedroom and line them up in the closet. He's the most helpful dog ever.

"Peter?" she calls, padding through the kitchen barefoot. If he's not here, she's really going to be disappointed.

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Ronan Lynch

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Gansey has been dead for a year. Sometimes, Ronan repeats this fact to himself over and over again. Some days, it's something he accepts and some days he gets smashed on scotch far too old to not be a dream.

Some of the time, Ronan is reasonably functional. He takes care of the farm, he feeds animals, he acts as a very surly farmer. That's not where he makes his real money though; he's taken up Niall's business, well aware it got his father killed. He dreams fantastic things then sells them to people with far too much money. He's become a hermit that only gets off his farm to sell things to bad people or to provoke a fight. Half of the time he lives alone.

And the other half of the time, Blue is at the farm, just as angry and destructive as Ronan is. They'd fought a few days ago, the anniversary of Gansey's death looming close, but he knows she will be here today. She will be here today because Gansey has been dead for a year. Ronan wakes that day to blood red water in the creek and icicles dripping blood from the eaves of the house. The entire farm has frozen overnight without any care that it's July.

He's sitting on the porch of the house in a wife beater and jeans, barefoot, that damn bottle of scotch in his hand when he hears the Pig roaring up the long, long drive to the Barns.

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Richard Gansey III

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Words aren't something that Gansey has ever been good at when it comes to Blue. Really, it's the most confounding thing; Gansey knows how to use words, how to shape them and deliver them so that people are swayed and entranced, but when it comes to Blue his words have only ever been weapons of mass destruction.

He's found that he is most successful with Blue when he stays quiet, when he uses actions to convey his feelings and thoughts. Tonight, he's got such a thing planned. They're in Costa Rica deep in the rainforest helping a small village establish more hygienic water systems and sewage systems. It's dirty work, but it's rewarding. They've been working sunup to sunset for several days now and they've earned a break. He'd gotten some help from the villagers and he's set up a <href=>tent ablaze with candles and piled high with a feather mattress and blankets. There's food as well: fruit and grilled meats, nothing terribly different from what they've been eating, but tonight they'll eat alone.

"Just a little further," he tells her as he leads her around a corner through the vegetation so that she can see the elaborate campsite he's arranged for her.

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Tobias Eaton [Teleois or au!canon; your call]

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It's been months since the doors of Teleios closed and Tobias and Tris chose to stay here together forever. He couldn't have asked for a better life, a more fulfilled life. They work on the farm and they spend everyday together. He's pretty sure that Tris is just as happy with their life as he is.

And yet, he knows that she misses the city sometimes. She misses Chicago and the world they came from. While he knows this, he can't understand it. The life they've got now is more than he ever hoped for (maybe he should have joined Amity, but then he wouldn't have met her). Today is one of those days that he knows she's missing the city. After finishing up at the farm, he walks into town and heads straight for the Hancock building, where he knows he'll find her.

He still hasn't conquered his fear of heights, but he's gotten more comfortable with being afraid of them. He takes the elevator to the top floor then uses the stairwell to get onto the roof where he knows Tris will be. He's unsurprised when he steps onto the roof to see Tris sitting on the ledge. He walks over tentatively and sits down beside her, careful to focus on her face and not the ground below them. He doesn't say anything, simply sits beside her. If she wants to talk, she will.

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Idek what I'm doing anymore -- surprise me!

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Angel hadn't ever thought he'd leave LA, but after everything that happened, after the dragon, after Wolfram and Hart, after nearly all of his team had been killed, he'd needed a change. He wasn't surprised to find that there was very high demon and vampire population in Washington DC, but discovering that had spurred him into moving there. He'd found a grand old building that had seen a hundred lives (most recently a call center), moved into it and refurbished a good part of it. He'd boarded up the rest of it and hadn't thought twice about it. Angel Investigations had a new home.

He'd met Temperance through a cold case: a set of bones that didn't add up. He'd become an expert that she called on a semi regular basis, anytime that something 'weird' came up. They'd started meeting for coffee to discuss cases and then just to talk, but despite becoming closer, she doesn't know he's a vampire. He's not sure how to explain to someone as logical as Brennan that vampires, demons and all the other things that go bump in the night are real.

It's late when Temperance texts him tonight, but Angel is awake. He tells her to come on over, to let herself in. As a business, he keeps the door unlocked anytime he's awake and in the building. He goes to the kitchen to start a kettle of water. Even at this hour, he's dressed in black pants, a white wife beater and a dark red button down over it.

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Do I even have to write out who?

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Audrey has shot people before. She used to be an FBI agent; of course, she's shot people before. They'd always been necessary shots, good shots. She's held people in her arms as they died, felt their last breath and it hurts every time. She's never killed someone up close; she's never killed someone with a knife and her hands and blood...she's never until a few days ago. She'd done it to save lives, not just hers and not just Nathan's (though their lives had been in danger). The man had been troubled and Audrey hadn't been able to help him; she'd killed him and now she's trying to live with it.

Of course, Audrey is dealing with it in typical Audrey fashion: she's spending every waking hour (and some that she ought to be sleeping) at the police station. She's closing up, shutting down and refusing to talk about anything except work. Really, she shouldn't have been surprised when Duke had kidnapped her--literally kidnapped her from her office. He'd handcuffed her, thrown her over his shoulder in a fireman's carry, assured everyone watching that Nathan would make sure she got back safe and sound Monday morning, after she'd spent a weekend away.

She'd been able to talk him out of the blindfold and threatened to bite him if he came at her with the gag. He'd eventually taken the handcuffs off, she'd fallen asleep against the pickup window and only wakes several hours later when Duke pulls the truck to a stop outside of a tiny lakeside cabin in the middle of nowhere.

"Your stop, Ms. Parker," Duke smiles at her. "Go around back. Everything will be clear." Audrey gets out of the truck more than a little confused, but also more than a little touched. She knows she's being too hard on herself, not coping and not taking care of herself. Duke drives off as Audrey steps around the back of the cabin to find Nathan's truck there, the bed piled with blankets and pillows. The sun is setting and the first stars just coming out. Nathan is knelt next to a fire pit, starting a fire.

"Pretty elaborate for a hostage situation," she says quietly.

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